When to Renew Your Louisiana Fishing License: Important Guidelines

Ahoy, fellow anglers and bait-casters! Louisiana, the land where the fish practically jump onto your hook, beckons with its aquatic reserves, a smorgasbord of fish species, and picturesque rivers and lakes. But hold your rods! Before you cast a line into these bountiful waters, you’ll need a golden ticket—a valid fishing license.

Types Of Fishing Licenses

Resident Fishing Licenses

For the bona fide Louisianians, those who’ve called this fine state home for at least half a year, a resident fishing license is your year-long pass to piscatorial pleasure. Remember, it’s not a lifetime membership; it’s valid for one year from the date of issue, so mark your calendars!

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

For our out-of-state friends, you’ve got options. Snag a non-resident fishing license for a quick three-day jaunt or a full year of angling adventure. The three-day pass is a hit for those fleeting visits when the fish are calling your name.

Special Permits

For the intrepid souls seeking the thrill of alligator wrestling or the serenity of fishing in our esteemed wildlife management areas, Louisiana rolls out the red carpet with special fishing permits. And for those with commercial aspirations, we’ve got you covered too.

General Regulations

Now, let’s talk rules—because even in the wild, we’ve got to have some order:

  • Only reel in fish that meet the state’s size and quantity limits—because good things come in regulated packages.
  • Stick to the permitted areas—trespassing is a no-go, even for the most charming anglers.
  • Keep your license on you, like a badge of honor, while fishing.
  • Respect the closed seasons and restricted periods—fish need vacations too.
  • Tailor your technique to the waters you’re in—Louisiana’s saltwater and freshwater regulations are as distinct as gumbo and jambalaya.

When To Renew Your Louisiana Fishing License

Your license is like Cinderella’s carriage—it turns back into a pumpkin (or rather, just a piece of expired paper) one year from the date of purchase. To avoid turning into a fishing outlaw, renew before the clock strikes twelve. The state, in its infinite wisdom, will nudge you with a reminder.

Renewal is a breeze—online, by phone, or in person. Online or by phone, arm yourself with your license number and birthdate. In person, just waltz into a local Wildlife and Fisheries office.


Whether you’re a local or just passing through, fishing in Louisiana is the stuff of legends. But remember, a valid license is the key to a carefree and delightful experience. Keep it current, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to cook your catch!


Q: When’s the prime time to renew my Louisiana fishing license? A: Aim to renew before the new fishing season kicks off on June 1st. It’s like getting the early worm to catch the fish—your license will be fresh for the whole season.

Q: Can I renew my Louisiana fishing license without leaving my comfy chair? A: Absolutely! The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website is your online portal to renewal bliss. Have your license details and credit card at the ready.

Q: What’s the fallout if I space out and my Louisiana fishing license expires? A: If your memory fails you and your license lapses, you’ll need to get a new one, stat. Otherwise, you might be fishing for trouble with fines or penalties. Keep that license up-to-date to stay on the right side of the law—and the fish!

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