The Complete Guide to Texas Fishing License Seasons, Rules and Regulations

Texas offers some of the best freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities in the country. As an avid angler, you likely already know that to legally fish the Lone Star State’s abundant public waters, you must have a valid Texas fishing license with the proper endorsements. But when exactly is license “season” in Texas, and what other regulations do you need to follow?

This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know about Texas fishing license requirements, validity dates, exceptions, costs, and more for both residents and visitors. We’ll also cover possession limits, restricted areas, legal gear, and other key regulations.

Whether you’re gearing up for trophy largemouth bass at Lake Fork or monster redfish along the Lower Laguna Madre, this info ensures you stay compliant while fully enjoying epic fishing across Texas.

When is Fishing License Season in Texas?

Most Texas fishing licenses are valid from around mid-August through August 31st of the following year. So licenses purchased in 2023 will be valid through August 31st, 2024.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) typically begins selling licenses for the upcoming season on August 15th each year. This allows anglers to get licenses before the current year’s expiration on August 31st.

So if you’re an existing license holder, early-to-mid August is the time to renew your license for the following year. And if you let your license lapse, you can purchase a new one and be set for 12 months of fishing.

License Duration & Expiration Rules

While standard licenses must be renewed annually, Texas does offer some long-term fishing license options:

  • Year-from-Purchase License: Valid for one year from the date of sale, instead of expiring on August 31st. Costs $47.
  • Lifetime Licenses: Good for the license holder’s lifetime. Available only to Texas residents for $1,000.

In most cases, you need to have a valid, unexpired license with the proper endorsements on you when fishing public waters, even during the offseason from September to January.

However, there are special rules for short-term licenses:

  • 1-Day All-Water: Valid only for the date(s) selected. Consecutive days can be purchased together.
  • Lake Texoma: Valid through December 31st of year purchased. Allows fishing both Texas and Oklahoma waters.

Fishing License Requirement Exceptions

While most anglers need a fishing license to fish public waters in Texas, there are exceptions. You can fish without a license if:

  • You’re under 17 years old
  • You’re a Texas resident born before January 1, 1931
  • You have certain intellectual disabilities (with proper authorization)
  • You’re a Texas resident who is blind or has a mental disability (special licenses available)
  • You’re fishing on Free Fishing Day (1st Saturday of June)

Some non-resident license exceptions also apply. See the TPWD site for specifics.

Texas Fishing License & Endorsement Costs

License fees vary based on residency status, age, license type and package selected. They range from $7 for a Senior Resident license to $1,050 for a Non-Resident All-Water Fishing Guide License.

Here are some of the most common Texas fishing license costs for 2023:

Texas Residents

  • All-Water Package (1 year): $40
  • Freshwater Package (1 year): $30
  • Saltwater Package (1 year): $35
  • Year-from-Purchase All-Water License: $47
  • Senior All-Water Package (1 year): $22
  • 1-Day All-Water License: $11


  • All-Water Package (1 year): $68
  • Freshwater Package (1 year): $58
  • Saltwater Package (1 year): $63
  • 1-Day All-Water License: $16

Required endorsements add $5-15 to those base license fees. Some specialized licenses, like fishing guide licenses, cost over $100.

Texas also offers discounted combination hunting and fishing license packages. Visit TPWD’s license page for a full breakdown.

Where to Buy a Texas Fishing License

You have several options for purchasing a recreational Texas fishing license:

  • Online via Texas License Connection with a $5 admin fee
  • In person at many sporting goods stores, bait & tackle shops, etc.
  • By phone at (800) 895-4248, also with a $5 admin fee

Some specialty licenses can only be obtained directly through TPWD offices.

When buying your license, have your identification and payment ready. You’ll also need to provide an email address and phone number when prompted.

Texas Fishing Regulations & Limits

In addition to buying a fishing license, you must follow all fishing regulations and comply with possession limits. Key Texas fishing rules include:

Methods & Gear

  • Game fish may only be taken by pole, line, rod & reel unless otherwise permitted
  • Specific regulations for bow fishing, cast nets, traps, spears, etc.
  • Trotlines, juglines and other setlines must be tagged and attended regularly

Species Restrictions

  • Cannot take or kill threatened/endangered species like sea turtles
  • Cannot take or possess paddlefish and alligator gar during certain times of year

Size & Bag Limits

  • Bag and length limits exist for both freshwater and saltwater species
  • Special limits on spotted seatrout, red drum, sharks, oysters and more
  • One red drum over 28 inches long per person

Fishing Boundaries

  • Cannot fish on private property without landowner consent
  • Cannot fish within a set distance of dams/spillways or certain bridges
  • Special rules for federal waters, border waters with neighboring states

See the TPWD Outdoor Annual site for a full list of fishing regulations. Know the laws before heading out!

Responsible Fishing in Texas

As a passionate angler, upholding strong ethical standards and conservation values is essential for protecting our irreplaceable fisheries.

Follow catch-and-release best practices to safely release fish unharmed. Properly handling trophies for photos then reviving them ensures future generations can enjoy these legendary lunkers.

Removing harmful debris like old line and tackle from shorelines keeps wildlife safe. Volunteering for habitat restoration efforts also does immense good.

And most importantly, educating others on sustainable practices and regulations helps spread responsible fishing principles across Texas.

By staying informed on seasons, limits and licensing, while advocating for resources and anglers alike, together we can ensure bountiful fisheries for both present joy and future generations.

Key Takeaways on Texas Fishing License Regulations

  • Most licenses are valid from September 1st through August 31st the following year
  • Purchase annual licenses in mid-August for upcoming season
  • Exceptions exist for age, disabilities and Free Fishing Day
  • Prices range from $7 to over $1,000 for specialized licenses
  • Buy online, in person or by phone; have ID and payment ready
  • Follow all size limits, bag limits and other fishing regulations
  • Uphold ethical angling and conservation practices

Equipped with this comprehensive guide, you can now fish Texas legally and responsibly year-round. As you explore its wealth of spectacular fisheries, remember to treasure these invaluable natural resources. Tight lines!

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