Buy Your Washington Fishing License Online: Easy & Convenient

Attention: Are you an angler looking to explore the rich fishing destinations of Washington StateInterest: With a diverse range of species and some of the most prolific fisheries in the country, Washington State offers an unparalleled fishing experience. Desire: But before you can cast your line, you need a fishing license. Action: This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of buying your Washington fishing license online, making it easy and convenient for you to get started on your fishing adventure.

Why Buy a Fishing License?

A fishing license is more than just a permit to fish. It’s a commitment to the conservation and sustainability of our aquatic resources. The funds from your license purchase go directly towards the management and protection of these resources, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same fishing opportunities that we have today.

How Much Does a Washington Fishing License Cost?

The cost of a Washington fishing license can vary depending on several factors, including your residency status, the type of fishing you plan to do, and the duration of the license. For example, an annual freshwater fishing license for a resident can cost as low as $8.

Where to Buy Your Washington Fishing License Online

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) offers online sales of fishing licenses. You can purchase your license directly from their website and will be directed to a sales confirmation page once your online purchase is complete.

Contact Information for WDFW License Sales and Services

  • Phone: (360) 902-2464
  • Email:
  • Mailing address for general correspondence: WDFW Licensing Division

The Importance of Catch Reporting

The catch record card is an important management tool for estimating the recreational catch of certain species. After you catch a fish, you are required to enter that catch on your catch record card before continuing to fish. All anglers are required to return their cards by the appropriate deadline, even if they did not catch anything.


Buying your Washington fishing license online is not only easy and convenient, but it also contributes to the conservation and sustainability of our aquatic resources. So why wait? Get your license today and start exploring the rich fishing destinations that Washington State has to offer.

Remember, fishing is more than just a sport or a pastime. It’s a way to connect with nature, to learn about our aquatic ecosystems, and to contribute to their preservation for future generations. Happy fishing!

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