VT Fishing License Guide: Unravel the Secrets to Fishing in Vermont

In the United States, millions of folks find their happy place at the end of a fishing line. And in Vermont, with its picturesque lakes and babbling brooks, you can’t just waltz up to the water and cast away—you’ll need a fishing license. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the VT fishing license, shall we?

The Importance Of A Fishing License

Think of a fishing license as your golden ticket to the great aquatic dance. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a way to:

  • Fund the folks who manage our fisheries, restore habitats, and keep the conservation show on the road.
  • Provide invaluable data for the brainy types who monitor fish populations and craft the rules.
  • Ensure we’re all fishing sustainably, so our grandkids can enjoy the same splendor.

Different Types Of VT Fishing Licenses

Vermont’s got a smorgasbord of licenses, catering to everyone from locals to out-of-staters, the young whippersnappers to the wise old-timers, and those with disabilities.

Resident Licenses

For Vermonters, by Vermonters. You can snag:

  • Annual fishing licenses for the die-hards.
  • Combo hunting and fishing licenses for the multitaskers.
  • One-day licenses for the commitment-phobes.

Non-Resident Licenses

Visitors, fear not! You can get your hands on:

  • Annual licenses, because why not fall in love with Vermont?
  • Combo licenses, doubling your fun.
  • One-day, three-day, and seven-day licenses, because choice is the spice of life.

Youth Licenses

For the budding anglers aged 15 and under:

  • Free for Vermont kiddos.
  • A nominal fee for the young’uns passing through.

Senior Licenses

Vermont seniors, 65 and older, get a sweet deal on annual licenses.

Disability Licenses

Special licenses for those with disabilities, including freebies for:

  • Permanent disabilities if you’re a Vermonter.
  • Disabled veterans, because thank you for your service.

How To Obtain A VT Fishing License

Getting your hands on a VT fishing license is as easy as pie. Choose your adventure: online, in-person, or by mail.


Click your way to a license via the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website. Just fill out some forms, make a payment, and voilà! Print that bad boy out and you’re set. Remember, no screens allowed—Vermont’s old-school like that.


Prefer human interaction? Visit an authorized agent like:

  • Sporting goods stores, where you can also gossip about the one that got away.
  • Town clerk offices, for a side of local politics with your license.
  • Select convenience stores, because snacks.

Check out the Authorized License Agent Directory for the nearest friendly face.

By Mail

Old-fashioned or printer-less? Mail it in! Just download the form, fill it out, and send it with a check to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Patience is a virtue—it’ll take a hot minute.

Contact Information For The Vermont Fish And Wildlife Department

Need a helping hand? Reach out to:

Fees And Prices

License fees are like a box of chocolates; they vary. Check the website for the latest prices.

Fishing Regulations

Follow the rules to keep our fish friends frolicking:

  • Catch Limits: Because too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing.
  • Size Limits: Let the little ones grow and the big ones spawn.
  • Seasonal Regulations: Timing is everything, especially for fish.

The Benefits Of A VT Fishing License

A VT fishing license is your passport to:

  • Conservation and management VIP access.
  • Supporting local businesses that make your fishing dreams come true.
  • Sustainable fishing practices, so we can all keep casting lines for years to come.
  • A plethora of fishing spots in Vermont’s pristine waters.

Fishing License Requirements And Exemptions

Most need a license, but some get a free pass:

  • Youngsters under 16, because we’re not monsters.
  • Vermonters on their own turf.
  • Free Fishing Day enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ice fishing? Your regular license has you covered.
  • Lost license? Get a duplicate online, in-person, or give a ring.
  • Fishing on private property? If it’s yours, no license needed. Otherwise, yes.
  • Transfer license? Nope, it’s all yours.
  • Fishing tournament? Yes, you need a license to compete.


Getting a VT fishing license is a cinch, and it’s your ticket to the angling wonderland of Vermont. Know your licenses, fees, and regulations, and you’re golden. With license in hand, you’re ready to support local economies and conservation efforts, all while enjoying the great outdoors. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and fish on!

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