Victoria Fishing License: All You Need to Know Before You Cast

Are you an avid angler looking to cast your line in Victoria, Australia? Before you hit the water, it’s important to understand the regulations surrounding fishing licenses. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about obtaining a fishing license in Victoria, including the requirements, necessary documents, and methods of purchase.

Researching Requirements

The first step to obtaining a fishing license in Victoria is to research the requirements. Fishing licenses vary by state and can have different rules and regulations. In Victoria, anyone over the age of 18 must have a license to fish recreationally.

There are different types of licenses available based on your needs, including a full-year license or short-term licenses ranging from three days to one month. Depending on where you plan to fish, additional permits may be required.

Preparing Necessary Documents

Before purchasing a fishing license, you’ll need to prepare the necessary documents. To obtain a fishing license in Victoria, you will need:

  • Identification documentation such as a passport, driver’s license, or proof of age card
  • A current email address to receive your digital fishing license

It’s important to note that fishing licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable, so ensure you have the correct information before purchasing.

Purchasing a License

There are two ways to purchase a fishing license in Victoria: online or in person.


Purchasing a fishing license online is a convenient option. You can visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority website and purchase your license through their online portal. After making your purchase, your license will be sent to your email address for you to print or to display on your mobile phone when fishing.

In Person

If you prefer to purchase your fishing license in person, you can visit one of the hundreds of accredited outlets across Victoria. Some examples of accredited agencies include fishing and camping stores, tourist information centers, and post offices.

Regulations to Know

It’s important to know and follow the regulations surrounding fishing licenses in Victoria. Here are a few key regulations to keep in mind:

  • Bag and size limits vary based on the species of fish and the body of water where you plan to fish
  • Certain areas require additional permits, such as fishing in freshwater, fishing in certain national or marine parks, or fishing for abalone
  • You must carry your fishing license with you at all times while fishing

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a fishing license in Victoria is a relatively simple process, but it’s important to ensure you follow the rules and regulations to avoid any penalties or fines. By researching the requirements, preparing the necessary documents, and choosing your preferred method of purchase, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a successful day of fishing in Victoria.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs about Victoria Fishing License and their respective answers:

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Victoria?
Yes, you need a valid fishing license to fish in Victoria if you are aged 18 years and over. A license is also required if you are using more than one rod or line, or if you are taking fish or other aquatic life from public waters for personal use or sale.

Where can I Get a fishing license in Victoria?
Fishing licenses in Victoria can be obtained online through the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide website, at most fishing and outdoor retailers, or at selected Service Victoria outlets throughout the state.

How much does a fishing license cost in Victoria?
The cost of a fishing license in Victoria varies depending on factors such as age, residency status, and the duration of the license. For example, as of 2021, a one-year fishing license for a Victorian resident aged 18-70 years costs $36.30, while a three-year license costs $100.85. Non-Victorian residents and visitors can also purchase temporary licenses for shorter durations.

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