Reeling in the Cost: Texas Fishing License Prices 2023

Reeling in the Cost: Texas Fishing License Prices 2023

Fishing is not just a leisure activity; it’s a regulated sport and business in the state of Texas. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding the Texas Fishing License Prices is crucial before you cast your line. This article aims to provide a detailed breakdown of the types of fishing licenses available, their associated costs, and where to purchase them. We’ll also delve into the application process and answer some frequently asked questions.

Reeling in the Cost: Texas Fishing License Prices 2023

Types of Fishing Licenses in Texas

Freshwater Fishing License

  • Cost for Residents: $30
  • Cost for Non-Residents: $58
  • Senior Resident Cost: $12
  • Usage: Ideal for fishing in freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers.

In-Depth Analysis

The Freshwater Fishing License is tailored for anglers who primarily fish in the inland waters of Texas, such as lakes and rivers. This license grants you the legal right to fish in all public freshwater bodies, including renowned locations like Lake Texoma. If you are above 65 years, you can avail of a discounted rate, making it cost-effective for senior citizens.

Saltwater Fishing License

  • Cost for Residents: $35
  • Cost for Non-Residents: $63
  • Senior Resident Cost: $17
  • Usage: Required for fishing in the ocean and saltwater bays.

In-Depth Analysis

The Saltwater Fishing License is designed for those who prefer the open ocean and saltwater bays. This license is mandatory for anyone planning to fish in the saltwater regions of Texas. It includes a saltwater endorsement, which is essential for fishing species that are unique to saltwater habitats.

All-Water Fishing License

  • Cost for Residents: $40
  • Cost for Non-Residents: $68
  • Senior Resident Cost: $22
  • Usage: A comprehensive license for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

In-Depth Analysis

The All-Water Fishing License is the most versatile among the available licenses. It allows you to fish in both freshwater and saltwater bodies, providing the ultimate flexibility for anglers who enjoy diverse fishing experiences. This license is also available in packages, often referred to as the “Super Combo License,” which includes both hunting and fishing privileges.

Commercial Fishing License

  • Usage: For those who fish for business purposes.

In-Depth Analysis

The Commercial Fishing License is aimed at individuals or entities that fish for commercial or business purposes. This is not a recreational license and comes with its own set of regulations and guidelines that must be strictly followed.

Table: Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

License Type Resident Cost Non-Resident Cost Senior Resident Cost
Freshwater $30 $58 $12
Saltwater $35 $63 $17
All-Water $40 $68 $22

By understanding the nuances of each type of fishing license, you can make an informed decision that best suits your fishing needs and locations. Whether you’re a resident or a non-resident, young or senior, the state of Texas offers a range of options to ensure you have the right license for your fishing adventures.

Understanding the Cost Structure

Individual Costs

  • Vary depending on the type of license and the applicant’s age.

Family Packages

  • Offered at discounted rates for families.

Discounts and Free Licenses

  • Available for seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals.

Where to Buy Your Texas Fishing License



  • At authorized retailers or Texas Parks and Wildlife offices.

Third-party vendors

  • Some fishing shops and online platforms also offer licenses.

How to Apply

Required Documents

Before you embark on the journey to get a Texas fishing license, it’s essential to gather the required documents. You’ll need identification proof, such as a driver’s license, and any prior fishing licenses if applicable. If your address is in Texas or you have a current registration in Texas, this will expedite the process.

Application Process

The application process for a fishing license in Texas is quite straightforward and can be done through multiple channels, offering you flexibility based on your preference.

Online Application

You can apply for a fishing license online through the official Texas Parks and Wildlife website. The site provides a range of fishing licenses and packages, including freshwater or saltwater endorsements and all-water fishing packages. A $5 administrative fee is charged for online transactions.

Table: Online Application Steps

Step Action
1 Visit the TPWD website
2 Select the type of fishing license
3 Add any endorsements or tags
4 Pay the fee
5 Receive your digital or paper license

In-Person Application

If you prefer a more traditional approach, fishing licenses are available at approximately 1,700 retail locations throughout Texas, in addition to TPWD offices and Texas State Parks. These locations include sporting goods stores, gun shops, department stores, and many other types of stores. You can find a retailer near you by visiting the TPWD website.

Phone Application

You can also order your fishing license by phone at (800) 895-4248, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST. A $5 administrative fee will be charged for phone transactions as well.

Commercial Licenses

For those interested in commercial fishing, some commercial hunting and fishing licenses are available only at the Austin Headquarters and Law Enforcement Offices.

Digital vs. Paper Licenses

Not all items purchased online are fully digital licenses. If a license has a digital option, you’ll be asked to choose between a Printed (Paper) or Digital license. If you opt for a paper license that includes tags, these will be sent to you in the mail.

What Do Your License Fees Fund?

It’s worth noting that 100% of your hunting and fishing license fees go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for conservation efforts that help make Texas one of the best places in the country to fish. This includes fish stocking, wildlife management, and habitat restoration among other initiatives.


Who needs a fishing license in Texas?

Anyone aged 17 and over needs a license to fish in Texas. This applies to Texas residents and out-of-staters alike.

Are there any exceptions to Texas License Requirements?

Yes, people can fish completely-license free in certain cases such as fishing from banks or piers in Texas State Parks or on Texas’s annual Free Fishing Day.

What is the validity period of these licenses?

License-Year Packages always expire on August 31. The Year-From-Purchase All-Water Package is different, lasting until the end of the month you bought it the following year.

Can I show proof of my license on a mobile device?

Yes, you can now use a mobile device to show proof of hunting and fishing licenses for activities that do not require tagging or physical stamps.

What are the operating hours for TPWD Headquarters?

Staff is available to help answer questions Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Standard Time.

How can I make a voluntary donation?

You can make a voluntary donation to Hunters for the Hungry or the Fund for Veterans Assistance when applying for your license.


Understanding the Texas Fishing License Prices and regulations is crucial for anyone planning to fish in the state. Always ensure you have the correct license to avoid legal complications. Happy fishing!

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