Unlock the Mystery: Texas 2024 Fishing License Prices

Texas offers world-class freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. As an angler new to the Lone Star State, deciphering the array of license options and regulations can be daunting. This comprehensive guide aims to unlock the mystery around Texas 2024 fishing licenses – empowering you to reel in savings and enjoy legal, ethical fishing this season.

Texas Fishing License Costs

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) oversees fishing licenses, boat registrations, and related permits. Prices are set annually, with 2024 Texas fishing licenses going on sale each September and expiring August 31st the following year.

Resident License Packages

For Texas residents, a basic freshwater fishing license costs $30 in 2024. This allows fishing statewide in lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks. To also access bays and saltwaters, a resident all-water license is $40.

Senior residents aged 65+ receive discounted rates of $7 for freshwater and $10 for all-water access. The TPWD also offers special $7 fishing licenses for legally blind residents.

Active duty military members stationed in Texas fish for free with an active military identification card. Discharged veterans who are Texas residents with a service-connected disability of 60% or higher also qualify for a free license.

Non-Resident Options

Non-residents have two main license package options in 2024:

  • Freshwater Package: $58
  • All-Water Package: $68

These provide the same respective fishing access as the resident versions. Those under 17 fish for free without needing a license.

Specialty Licenses

In addition to the standard freshwater and saltwater licenses, Texas offers specialty licenses catering to unique fisheries or angler profiles:

  • Lake Texoma: $12 annual license granting access to both the Texas and Oklahoma sides of Lake Texoma.
  • Red Drum Tag$3 tag allowing harvest of one oversized red drum longer than 28”.
  • Lifetime Licenses: One-time payment for lifetime fishing privileges. $1,000 for fishing-only or $1,800 for a hunting and fishing combo covering freshwater and saltwater.

Where To Buy Your Texas Fishing License

Once you’ve selected the appropriate license type for your needs, purchasing is straightforward through various channels:


The TPWD site offers convenient online license sales. Have your payment details and personal information on hand. Digital purchases are often instant, allowing you to print a temporary document or save a digital PDF to your phone as proof of licensing.


Many bait-and-tackle shops, sporting goods stores, marinas and big box retailers sell licenses over the counter. Find authorized sellers near your location. In-person purchases typically take only a few minutes.

By Phone

Call (800) 895-4248 to order your license by phone. Have your payment details available for the automated system. Phone orders may take 2 weeks to ship standard mail.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Offices

You can also visit any of the 28 TPWD law enforcement field offices statewide. Find your regional office to purchase your license in person.

Key Texas Fishing Regulations

While requirements vary lake-to-lake, Texas upholds statewide regulations for legal catch limits, species restrictions, and gear management.

License Requirements

All anglers fishing public fresh waters need either a freshwater or all-water fishing license. To access bays, beaches and tidal waters, the all-water option is essential.

Exceptions include:

  • Those under 17
  • Born before 1931
  • Fishing on waters fully enclosed within state parks
  • Fishing privately-owned waters (with landowner consent)

Full exemptions are listed at the TPWD site.


Saltwater endorsements are included by default with resident and non-resident all-water packages. Freshwater endorsements come standard with freshwater licenses.

To fish both fresh and saltwaters on an all-water license, you need both endorsements. Added endorsements cost $10 each.

Length & Bag Limits

Texas enforces strict statewide bag and size limits regulating your legal daily catch. Special limits also apply on certain waters.

Limits aim to prevent overfishing and manage ecosystems sustainably. Key species restrictions include:

  • Largemouth bass: Keep 5 fish per day, 14” minimum
  • Red drum: Keep 3 fish per day, 20”-28” slot
  • Speckled trout: Keep 5 fish per day, 15” minimum

Gear Restrictions

Texas upholds special lure limitations and pole specifications for various fisheries:

  • No treble hooks allowed on Lower Colorado River tributaries
  • Only artificial lures and flies permitted on spring-fed rivers
  • Rod & reel angling only on certain reservoirs and creeks

See the full gear restrictions before heading out.

Key Fishing Exemptions

While most anglers need a valid license, Texas grants special license exemptions to the following groups:

Under 17

Anyone under 17 fishes recreationally for free without needing a license. Those 17 and over require proper licensing.

Born Before 1931

Texas residents born before 1931 are exempt from fishing license requirements. Bring valid ID displaying your birthdate for proof if checked by a game warden.

Military Members

Qualifying active duty and discharged veterans with service-connected disabilities fish for free with proper identification. Eligibility criteria is listed here.

State Park Waters

No fishing license is needed to fish state parks where fishing is only allowed within the park itself. This includes sites like Balmorhea State Park and Monahans Sandhills State Park.

Full license exceptions provide more details on groups not requiring licensing.

Key Steps Before Casting Off

With your license secured, endorsements validated, and regulations reviewed, here are vital precautions before wetting your line:

Verify Regional Restrictions

Beyond statewide rules, additional county and water-specific regulations apply across Texas. Consult the TPWD site to verify regional restrictions where you’ll be fishing before departing.

Transport Aquatic Life Legally

Moving fish, shellfish or aquatic plants between waterways risks spreading invasive species and diseases. Transporting restrictions aim to protect ecosystems, so know regulations before crossing county lines.

Practice Ethical Catch & Release

Carefully unhooking fish intended for release and gently placing them back improves survival. Have the proper dehookers, needle nose pliers and landing nets on hand.

Report Violations

See someone keeping illegal overlimits, undersized fish or using banned equipment? Snap a photo and call the Operation Game Thief hotline at (800) 792-GAME (4263) to report anonymously.

Key Takeaways – Texas 2024 Fishing Licenses

We’ve covered everything from license costs and purchasing to special exemptions and regional regulations. With this firm grounding, you can now buy the proper licensing and adhere to local rules for smooth, legal fishing this season.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Resident license packages run $30-$40 depending on fresh or saltwater access
  • Non-resident fishing requires a $58-$68 license
  • Purchase online, phone, in-person or at Texas Parks & Wildlife offices
  • Packages cover either fresh or all waters (both fresh and salt)
  • Endorsements, bag limits and special gear rules apply depending on lake and species
  • Military, seniors 65+, and those under 17 and over 90 may qualify for exemptions

Have questions on Texas fishing licenses, permits or regulations? Reach the TPWD licensing department at (512) 389-4828. Otherwise, grab your gear and get ready to reel in exciting catches across the Lone Star State!

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