South Dakota Fishing License Cost: Your Complete Guide

Fishing is a popular outdoor recreational activity in South Dakota, with abundant lakes, rivers, and streams offering excellent opportunities to catch trophy fish. Before casting your line, it’s essential to understand South Dakota’s fishing license requirements and costs. This guide provides everything you need to know.

Resident Fishing Licenses

South Dakota residents have several fishing license options:

  • Annual License – $28
    • Allows fishing, frogging, and turtle harvesting year-round within daily limits
  • 1-Day License – $8
    • Valid for one day, one daily limit
  • Senior License (65+) – $12
    • For residents age 65+
  • Setline License – $5 per line
  • Hoop Net License – $10 per net
  • Combination Hunting & Fishing License – $55


  • Free for youth under 16
  • Reduced fees for disabled residents and veterans

Nonresident Fishing Licenses

For nonresidents, fishing licenses include:

  • Annual License – $67
  • 1-Day License – $16
  • 3-Day License – $37
  • Family License – $67 (for family groups)
  • Youth License – $25 or free under 16

License Exemptions

Licenses are not required:

  • On Free Fishing Days
  • When fishing private waters with landowner permission
  • For youth under 16 accompanied by a licensed adult

Purchasing a License

Licenses can be purchased:

  • Online through SD Game, Fish & Parks
  • Through local agents
  • By mail application

Habitat Stamp

A habitat stamp is required for some licenses to support conservation efforts.

Fishing Regulations

Fishing is permitted year-round but regulations on seasons, limits, and tackle vary. Anglers must review annually as changes can occur.

Why Licenses Matter

License fees support critical fishery management, stocking programs, habitat projects, and access improvements across South Dakota.

In summary, understanding South Dakota’s fishing license options ensures you can enjoy the state’s world-class angling opportunities legally. Consider purchasing an annual license to fish year-round while supporting conservation efforts. Review regulations before each trip and relish the diverse fisheries of South Dakota!

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