Retired Military? Get Your Texas Fishing License at a Discount Now!

As a retired United States military service member, you’ve dedicated a tremendous amount of time and made huge sacrifices to serve our great nation. Now that you’ve hung up the uniform, it’s time to take advantage of some of the nice perks Texas has in store specifically for its retired veterans and military personnel – like deeply discounted fishing licenses granting access to amazing freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities across the Lone Star State.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Texas’ discounted fishing licenses and packages for retired military personnel, you must:

  • Be a resident of Texas OR a non-resident
  • Have official proof of retirement from any branch of the United States military (DD-214 form)
  • Have a VA disability rating of 50% or higher if claiming disabled veteran status

If you meet these simple eligibility criteria, you can conveniently obtain steeply discounted resident or non-resident fishing licenses in person from any Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) license retailer such as bait & tackle shops, sporting goods stores, discount retailers like Walmart, and at any TPWD law enforcement office.

Discounted License Packages Available

The main discounted fishing license package available to qualified retired military personnel is the Disabled Veteran Super Combo Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package. This covers both freshwater AND saltwater fishing across all public waters in Texas.

As the name suggests, it also includes hunting privileges and endorsements. We’ll focus specifically on the fishing aspects of this combo license package:

What’s Included

  • Resident or non-resident fishing license
  • Freshwater fishing endorsement
  • Saltwater fishing endorsement with one red drum tag
  • Access to fish both freshwater lakes/rivers and saltwater bays along the Gulf Coast


This entire package is 100% free for eligible disabled veterans with the proper VA disability rating (50% or higher). What a steal!

If you don’t quite meet the 50% disability rating threshold for the free license but are still retired military residing in Texas, you can buy the Resident All-Water Fishing Package for only $40 which includes the same privileges.

Either way, Texas hooks up its retired military with some outstanding discounted fishing access!

Where to Use Your Discounted License

Now let’s talk about where you can take that deeply discounted Texas fishing license once you have it in hand. The short answer: just about anywhere in the state from border to border!

Freshwater: Lakes & Rivers

Texas is blessed with an abundance of amazing freshwater fisheries. Lakes like Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Amistad, and Falcon are renowned for producing monster largemouth bass. The Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake hosts incredible trophy rainbow trout fishing in winter. You can chase feisty sunfish and stocked catfish in small urban lakes around Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. Wherever you wet a line, Texas serves up excellent freshwater action.

Your discounted license covers all of the over 200 major reservoirs and lakes plus thousands of rivers and streams under public fishing access. The freshwater endorsement acts as your admission ticket to this massive freshwater playground.

Saltwater: Bays & Gulf Coast

In addition to its freshwater bounty, Texas offers over 360 miles of Gulf Coast saltwater fishing access from Sabine Lake down to the Laguna Madre below Padre Island. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum and more swarm the bays and passes waiting for your bait. Offshore, you can troll for king mackerel, ling or venture out to the deepwater rigs for tuna and billfish once you have that saltwater endorsement checked.

So whether you prefer stalking redfish along grassy shorelines or wrestling sharks and snappers around offshore oil rigs, your discounted Texas license opens the door to amazing coastal fishing opportunities.

Don’t Delay – Get Your Discounted License Today!

As a retired military service member, take full advantage of the fishing perks Texas wants to provide you. With a discounted license costing just $40 or even FREE if disabled, why would you fish anywhere else?

Grab your discounted Texas fishing license at any local TPWD retailer today. Then hit some of the Lone Star State’s many amazing freshwater fisheries and saltwater hot spots. With thousands of lakes, rivers, bays and miles of Gulf Coast to access, you’ll enjoy outstanding fishing and boating for years to come thanks to Texas’ military appreciation discounts.

So put that license discount to good use ASAP! Whether it’s reeling in chunky bass on Sam Rayburn, catching feisty speckled trout along the Upper Laguna Madre or wrestling big sharks around offshore oil rigs, amazing Texas fishing awaits you.

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