Can I Reprint My NY Fishing License? Answers Here

Can I Reprint My NY Fishing License? Answers Here

Losing or damaging your fishing license can be a real bummer, especially when you’re all geared up for a day on the water. But hey, if you’re in New York, there’s no need to let that ruin your plans. The process to reprint your fishing license is pretty painless, and I’m here to guide you through it, so you can get back to what you do best—fishing!

When Might You Need To Reprint Your Fishing License?

You might need a reprint in a few different scenarios:

  • Loss or Damage: It’s a piece of paper; it happens. If your license goes missing or gets wrecked, you’ll need a fresh print before you can legally cast a line again.
  • Change of Personal Information: Moved to a new pad? Got a new last name? Make sure your fishing license isn’t stuck in the past.
  • Lapsed License: Like bread and good times, fishing licenses have an expiration date. If yours is past its prime, it’s time for a renewal and reprint.

How To Reprint Your NY Fishing License

Here’s the lowdown on getting a new print of your license:

  1. Hit up the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Website: These folks are the fishing license gurus. You can find their website here.
  2. Click on “Buy Sporting Licenses”: This will zip you over to the DECALS, where you can snag and print all sorts of licenses.
  3. Choose “Fishing” from the Menu: This is where the magic happens for all things fishing license-related.
  4. Enter Your Deets: Name, birthday, driver’s license number—get it all in there, and make sure it’s on the money.
  5. Follow the Prompts to Purchase Your New Fishing License: The site will walk you through buying your license. There’s a fee, and it varies, so be ready for that.
  6. Print Your New Fishing License: Once you’ve paid up, you can print your license right from the DEC site. Keep it safe this time, yeah?

Exceptions To Fishing License Requirements In New York

Not everyone needs a license to fish in New York. Here’s who gets off the hook:

  • Age Exemptions: Under 16 or over 70? You’re golden—no license needed.
  • Free Fishing Days: The DEC throws everyone a bone with a few license-free fishing days each year.
  • Special Events: Some events have their own rules. Check with the organizers before you go.


Can I reprint my NY fishing license if I lose it? You bet! The DEC gets it—stuff happens. Lost your license? Log into your DECALS account or call the DEC Call Center at (866) 933-2257 for a reprint.

Can I reprint my NY fishing license if it gets damaged? Absolutely. Same deal as above—log in or call up.

How many times can I reprint my NY fishing license? As many as you need. Just remember, reprints show the original issue date, so keep tabs on the validity period.

Using The HuntFishNY Mobile App For Your Fishing License

For an even smoother experience, check out the HuntFishNY mobile app. It’s a nifty tool for all your license needs, plus some extra perks:

  • Your License on Tap: Forget about losing or damaging it; your license is now on your phone.
  • Game Harvest Reports in a Snap: Log your catches without the hassle.
  • Harvest History: Look back on your fishing feats.
  • Regulation Guides: Keep in the legal loop with easy access to the rules.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Info: Plan your trips with the daylight in mind.
  • The Tackle Box: A shiny new feature that’s your go-to for fishing regulations, stocking info, and access sites for specific waters.

Grab the HuntFishNY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and you’re all set.

To wrap it up, reprinting your NY fishing license is a breeze, whether you’re doing it online or via the HuntFishNY app. Lost it? Damaged it? Need to update your info? The DEC’s got you covered. Just remember to fish responsibly and stick to the rules. Happy fishing!

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