Reel in the Cost of a Virginia Trout Fishing License!

Reel in the Cost of a Virginia Trout Fishing License!

In the picturesque waters of Virginia, the allure of trout fishing beckons anglers from near and far. The pursuit of this prized fish is not merely a hobby; it’s a passion. But before casting a line into Virginia’s bountiful rivers and streams, one must understand the importance of possessing a valid Virginia fishing license. This comprehensive guide will unravel the process, costs, and nuances of obtaining a Virginia Trout Fishing License, ensuring that you reel in not just the fish but also the best deals on licensing.

Reel in the Cost of a Virginia Trout Fishing License!

Obtaining a Virginia Fishing License

Methods of Obtaining

Virginia’s Department of Wildlife Resources offers multiple avenues for obtaining a fishing license. Whether you prefer the traditional methods of phone and mail or the convenience of online and in-person applications, Virginia accommodates all.

Freshwater Fishing License Pricing

The cost of a fishing license in Virginia varies based on residency and the type of license. Below is an outline of the pricing:

  • Resident Price: Annual $23, Two-year $44, Three-year $65, Four-year $86
  • Non-resident Price: Annual $47
  • Special Trout Fishing License: $23 per year
  • Combination Licenses: Freshwater, trout, and hunting for Virginia residents only at $100 per year

Special Discounts and Offers

Virginia takes pride in offering special discounts to its residents and those who have served the nation. Virginia residents can purchase annual freshwater fishing licenses for only $16. Disabled military veterans with at least a 70% disability can obtain a VA freshwater fishing license for free.

Purchasing a Virginia Fishing License Online

Go Outdoors Virginia Portal

The Go Outdoors Virginia website portal hosted by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources provides a seamless online experience for purchasing a fishing license. Here’s how:

  1. Set Up an Account: Using your social security number, DWR customer ID, or birthday.
  2. Choose Your License: Select from fishing, trout, or hunting licenses.
  3. Payment and Retrieval: Print it off at home or retain a digital copy on your account.

Virginia Fishing License Age Requirements

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the age at which a fishing license becomes mandatory is a reflection of the state’s commitment to responsible fishing and conservation. Any angler over the age of fifteen must possess a valid VA fishing license when fishing in state waters. This requirement applies to both freshwater and saltwater bodies that are publicly owned by the state.

For young anglers under the age of fifteen, fishing is a rite of passage, and Virginia encourages this by not requiring a license. It’s an invitation to learn, explore, and develop a lifelong love for fishing.

Senior citizens over the age of 64 who are residents of VA enjoy special privileges. They may obtain a freshwater fishing license at a discounted rate of $9 per year. This concession is Virginia’s way of honoring the wisdom and experience that comes with age, allowing seniors to continue enjoying the serenity and joy of fishing without financial burden.

Virginia Saltwater Fishing License

Saltwater License Pricing

Virginia’s marine waters are a treasure trove of fishing opportunities. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, the saltwater fishing experience in Virginia is unparalleled. The pricing for Virginia saltwater fishing licenses is carefully structured to provide access while ensuring sustainability:

  • Resident Price: Annual $17.50
  • Non-Resident Price: Annual $25

These prices are a gateway to a world of marine adventure, where anglers can pursue species like striped bass, flounder, and red drum.

Virginia Fisherman Identification Program

Beyond licensing, Virginia has instituted the Virginia Fisherman Identification Program (FIP). This free registration program is not merely administrative; it’s a vital part of Virginia’s commitment to responsible fishing.

The FIP helps the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (MRC) keep track of all saltwater anglers, including those who are exempt from licensing due to age or other factors. It’s a system that ensures accountability, aids in fishery management, and contributes to the preservation of Virginia’s rich marine ecosystem.

The Virginia FIP number is more than a registration; it’s a pledge to fish responsibly and a testament to Virginia’s dedication to maintaining a balanced and thriving marine environment.


Reeling in the cost of a Virginia Trout Fishing License is more than just understanding the fees. It’s about recognizing the value of responsible fishing, adhering to the laws, and appreciating the beauty of Virginia’s aquatic life. This guide serves as a compass to navigate the waters of licensing, ensuring that your fishing experience in Virginia is legal, ethical, and enjoyable.

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