Get Hooked on Fishing in Quebec: Your Guide to 3-Day License Costs

Are you an avid angler eager to explore the bountiful waters of Quebec? Whether you’re a resident or visitor, understanding the fishing license requirements and costs is essential before casting your line. Many anglers, especially those planning short trips, often find themselves wondering about the specifics of obtaining a 3-day fishing license in Quebec.

As an experienced angler who has fished extensively throughout the province, I’m here to provide you with clear, up-to-date information on Quebec’s 3-day fishing license costs and the process of obtaining one. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge needed to legally and confidently embark on your Quebec fishing adventure.

Do You Need a Fishing License in Quebec?

Before diving into the details of 3-day licenses, let’s clarify the basic requirements. In Quebec, fishing licenses are mandatory for both residents and non-residents looking to fish in the province’s waters, with just a few exceptions. This rule applies whether you’re fishing in a lake, river, or stream, in urban or rural areas.

When out fishing, you must carry your license along with a government-issued photo ID at all times. This allows authorities to verify your identity and ensure you’re fishing legally. Failure to present a valid license when requested can result in fines and legal consequences, putting a damper on your fishing trip.

There are a few instances where you may not need a license, such as:

  • Fishing for rainbow smelt and Atlantic tomcod in specific areas of the St. Lawrence River
  • Fishing in certain national parks like Forillon, Mingan Archipelago, and La Mauricie (for Quebec residents only)
  • Fishing for freshwater crustaceans

However, for most anglers, obtaining a fishing license is a necessary step before hitting the water.

Categories and Prices of Quebec Fishing Licenses

Quebec offers different categories of fishing licenses based on residency status and duration. Prices vary between residents and non-residents of Quebec.

For Quebec residents:

  • An annual license for those under 65 costs $24.85
  • An annual license for those 65 and older is $19.71
  • A 3-day license is priced at $14.21

For non-residents:

  • An annual license, regardless of age, is $88.93
  • A 7-day license costs $53.59
  • A 3-day license is $35.64

All license fees include taxes and a contribution to the Quebec Wildlife Foundation, which supports conservation efforts. It’s important to note that annual licenses are valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year, while 3-day and 7-day licenses are valid for the specified number of consecutive days starting from the date of purchase.

How to Get Your 3-Day Quebec Fishing License

Now that you know the cost of a 3-day fishing license in Quebec, let’s walk through the process of obtaining one. Quebec offers both online and in-person options for purchasing your license.

Online Purchase

The most convenient method is to buy your license online through the Quebec government’s “My Hunting and Fishing Account” platform. This platform allows you to:

  • Purchase your license from the comfort of home or on the go
  • Link your existing certificate number
  • View, download, and reprint your active licenses
  • Access your purchase history and invoices

To create an account, you’ll need a valid email address and password. The platform is free, secure, and user-friendly. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can download your license in PDF format to print or store electronically on your mobile device. Make sure to have either a hard copy or digital version handy when fishing.

In-Person Purchase

If you prefer to buy your license in person, Quebec has you covered with a wide network of authorized retailers, including:

  • Sporting goods stores
  • Canadian Tire locations
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Hardware stores

Many of these retailers have automated licensing systems, allowing you to purchase your 3-day license quickly and easily. If you need assistance, store employees can guide you through the process.

Quebec Salmon Fishing Licenses

For anglers specifically targeting Atlantic salmon, an additional salmon fishing license is required on top of the regular fishing license. This applies to all salmon rivers in Quebec.

Salmon licenses are available in different formats:

  • Annual license
  • 3-day license
  • Mandatory catch-and-release license

Prices for salmon licenses differ from regular fishing licenses, so be sure to check the current rates before purchasing. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations for salmon fishing in Quebec, including:

  • Daily catch limits
  • Size restrictions
  • Reporting requirements
  • Gear restrictions

Salmon populations are carefully managed, and these additional measures help ensure their sustainability for future generations of anglers.

Other Quebec Fishing Regulations to Know

To fully enjoy your 3-day fishing adventure in Quebec, it’s essential to understand and follow the province’s fishing regulations. Familiarize yourself with the rules specific to the zone and body of water where you’ll be fishing.

Some key regulations to keep in mind:

  • Fishing seasons: Each species has designated open and closed seasons that vary by zone.
  • Catch limits: Daily catch and possession limits are in place for most species to prevent overfishing.
  • Size restrictions: Certain fish must meet minimum or maximum size requirements to be legally kept.
  • Bait restrictions: The use of live bait fish is prohibited in much of Quebec to prevent the spread of invasive species and diseases.
  • Gear restrictions: Regulations specify the types of fishing gear and techniques permitted, such as number of lines, hook size, and fly fishing only zones.

Before heading out, take time to review the specific regulations for your target species and fishing location. The Quebec government provides detailed information by zone on their website. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact local authorities or fishing organizations for clarification.


Obtaining a 3-day fishing license in Quebec is a straightforward and affordable process, whether you’re a resident or visitor. By understanding the license categories, costs, and purchase options, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the province’s world-class fishing opportunities.

Remember, a 3-day license for Quebec residents is $14.21, while non-residents can expect to pay $35.64. You can easily obtain your license online through the “My Hunting and Fishing Account” platform or by visiting an authorized retailer in person.

As you embark on your fishing trip, prioritize responsible angling practices. Follow all regulations, practice catch-and-release when appropriate, and be a steward of Quebec’s aquatic resources. By doing so, you’ll contribute to a sustainable fishing future and create lasting memories on the water.

If you have any further questions about Quebec fishing licenses, regulations, or best practices, don’t hesitate to reach out. As an experienced Quebec angler, I’m always happy to share insights and advice.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge you need, it’s time to grab your 3-day license and hit the water. Quebec’s lakes, rivers, and streams are waiting for you. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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