2024 PA Fishing License Prices: Find Out Here

Approval Of Price Increases

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s Board has approved a proposal to raise rates for fishing licenses and permits for the 2024 season. The changes include:

  • Residents: An increase of $2.50 for each license, with the adult resident annual license now costing $26.97 .
  • Non-residents: Fees will go up by $4, with the non-resident annual license priced at $60.97 .
  • Senior resident lifetime licenses: The most significant hike, with an increase of $10 to $85 .

The commission expects that these adjustments will generate around $2.4-2.9 million annually for the Commission’s Fish Fund, supporting fishing-related programs .

Detailed Breakdown Of The New Prices

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new prices effective from 2024 :

  • Adult resident license: Increase to $26.97 from $23.50.
  • Trout stamps: Will sell for $14.97, up from $10.50.
  • Combination trout and Lake Erie permit: Rise to $20.97 from $16.50.
  • Senior resident licenses: Increase to $12.50 from $11.25.
  • Senior resident lifetime licenses: Rise to $85 from $75.
  • One-day resident licenses: Grow to $12.50 from $11.25.
  • Non-residents: Charged $60.97, up from $55.
  • Seven-day tourist permits: Rise in cost to $37.50 from $35.

Visit the official PA Fish and Boat Commission website for the latest pricing information.

Historical Perspective

The state Fish and Boat Commission approved an increase in license fees for the second time since limited authority to set fees was granted in 2020 . The state Legislature is expected to approve the increases. From 2005 through 2022, no action was taken on repeated Fish and Boat requests to increase fees, and for 17 years, the price of an adult resident fishing license was stuck at $22 .

Impact On Anglers And The Fishing Community

Revenue Generation And Utilization

The fee increases are expected to generate $2.4 million to $2.9 million in additional annual revenue . This adjustment is needed to cope with inflationary pressures, maintain and improve existing programs, and meet the expectations of the state’s anglers and boaters .

Support From The Community

The agency raised fees for the first time with the sale of 2023 licenses, eliciting overwhelming support from Pennsylvania anglers, according to letters, surveys, and interviews . At the Fish and Boat Commission’s open meeting in Harrisburg, residents raised no opposition to the fee increases .

Legislative Process And Oversight

According to the self-licensing agreement, the final rule proposal, transcript of the public hearing, and all public comments associated with the proposal are now to be reviewed by the Pennsylvania House and Senate Game and Fisheries Committees . If approved as expected, a fee increase bill will go to the Legislature for a vote .

Bold Insight The changes in PA fishing license prices for 2024 reflect a broader strategy to support the fishing community, maintain existing programs, and adapt to inflationary pressures. While the increases may seem significant, they have received support from the community and are expected to pass legislative review, ensuring continued investment in fishing-related programs and preserving Pennsylvania’s rich fishing heritage.


The 2024 changes in PA fishing license prices are a necessary step to support the state’s thriving fishing community and maintain the high-quality programs and services that anglers have come to expect. By understanding the new fee structure and the reasoning behind it, anglers can appreciate the efforts made to preserve Pennsylvania’s rich fishing heritage for years to come.

Remember to visit the official PA Fish and Boat Commission website for the most up-to-date information on license prices, regulations, and other important details as you plan your fishing adventures in 2024 and beyond.

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