Everything You Need to Know About the Oregon Fishing License

Everything You Need to Know About the Oregon Fishing License

Oregon’s vast network of rivers, lakes, and coastal waters offers world-class fishing opportunities. However, before casting your line, every angler aged 12 and over needs to secure an Oregon fishing license. This guide provides everything you need to know, from license types and fees to purchasing methods and additional permits.

Who needs a license?

All anglers aged 12 and older must carry a valid Oregon fishing license when fishing state waters, whether they are residents or not. The only exceptions are:

  • During Free Fishing Weekends (usually first weekends of June and November),
  • Children under 12 years old
  • Oregon residents fishing on their own private land

You must have your license on you when fishing and present it if requested by authorities. Fishing without a license can lead to fines.

License Types & Fees

Oregon offers various license durations and fees depending on residency status, age, and intended fishing activity.

Resident Licenses

Annual Angling License: $44

Sports Pac: Fishing, hunting, shellfish licenses + endorsements: $196.50

Senior Angling License (70+ years, 5-year resident): $29

Combination Hunting & Angling License: $73

1-Day Angling License: $23

Full Resident Costs

Non-Resident Licenses

Annual Angling License: $110.50

1-Day Angling License: $23

7-Day Angling License: $93.50

Full Non-Resident Costs

Youth & Disabled Veterans

Youth License (12-17 years): $10

Disabled Veteran License: FREE

Special Prices

Where To Buy

Purchase your Oregon fishing license:

Required Tags & Endorsements

Depending on the species targeted and location, additional tags or endorsements may be mandatory when purchasing your fishing license.

Combined Angling Tag: For salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and halibut: $46 residents/$66 non-residents

Hatchery Salmon/Steelhead Tag – For bonus hatchery salmon/steelhead – $33 residents/$33 non-residents

Columbia River Basin Endorsement – Required for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon Columbia River – $9.75 with license/$11.75 separately

All Tags & Endorsements

Oregon Fishing Regulations

When fishing Oregon waters, you must follow all regulations on:

  • Seasons, closures, quotas
  • Gear and bait restrictions
  • Size and bag limits
  • Catch-and-release protocols
  • Access rights

Regulations help conserve fish stocks and vary by location and species. Check the annual regulations guide or ODFW Website before fishing. Violating regulations risks fines.

Fishing License Perks

  • Access 30,000+ miles of fishable rivers/streams and 5,000+ lakes in Oregon.
  • Funds conservation efforts for habitats and fish stocks.
  • Required for fishing on guided trips and charters.
  • Allows fishing across Oregon during license duration.

Getting an Oregon fishing license is a quick and easy process. Review the options based on your circumstances and follow the purchasing steps outlined. Carry your license whenever fishing, adhere to regulations, and enjoy sustainable angling across Oregon!

ODFW Recreation Reports – Weekly fishing forecasts

ODFW Fishing Events – Free community fishing events

Oregon Fishing Forums – Connect with local anglers

Fishing Regulations Guide – Downloadable annual regulations

Oregon Fishing Map – Top lakes, rivers, and hotspots


Q: Can I use my Oregon fishing license in other states?

No, an Oregon fishing license is only valid for fishing in Oregon. If you plan to fish in other states, you will need to purchase a license for each state.

Q: Can I fish for salmon with my Oregon fishing license?

A: Yes, you can fish for salmon with your Oregon fishing license. However, there may be additional regulations and fees for salmon fishing.

Q: Can I fish for sturgeon with my Oregon fishing license?

A: Yes, you can fish for sturgeon with your Oregon fishing license. However, there are special regulations and restrictions for sturgeon fishing, so be sure to check the current regulations before you go.

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