2024 Oregon Fishing License Cost: How Much Will You Need to Reel In Your Next Catch?

Planning a fishing trip in Oregon for 2024? Before casting your line, it’s essential to understand the costs for licenses, tags, permits, and endorsements required by law. With hundreds of lakes, rivers, and ocean coastlines offering world-class angling, Oregon fishing opportunities abound once you secure the necessary documents.

This comprehensive guide breaks down the 2024 fishing license options for residents and non-residents. It also covers special licenses, daily fees, and other regulatory requirements. Read on to determine exactly what you’ll need to reel in your next Oregon catch legally!

Annual Oregon Fishing Licenses

Oregon offers both annual and temporary fishing licenses valid for shorter durations. Annual licenses cover fishing from January 1st through December 31st, 2024.

Here are the standard annual license fees:

  • Resident Annual Angling License: $44
  • Nonresident Annual Angling License: $110.50
  • Resident Annual Shellfish License: $10
  • Nonresident Annual Shellfish License: $28

To qualify for resident licenses, you must have lived in Oregon for at least six months prior to purchasing your license.

Sports Pac Licenses

For anglers also interested in hunting opportunities, Oregon offers a combined Sports Pac License at a discounted rate:

  • Resident Sports Pac: $196.50 (includes fishing, shellfish, hunting licenses + tags)
  • Nonresident Sport Pac: Not Available

Purchasing the Sports Pac allows you to save over buying licenses separately.

Daily & Multi-Day Licenses

If you’re visiting Oregon temporarily or only need to fish for a few days, daily and multi-day licenses allow flexibility:

  • One Day Angling License: $23 resident & nonresident
  • Two-Day Angling License: $42 resident residents and nonresidents
  • Three-Day Angling License: $59.50 resident residents and nonresidents
  • Seven-Day Nonresident Angling License: $93.50

Rates for daily and multi-day licenses are the same for residents and nonresidents.

Tags, Endorsements & Permits

In addition to a fishing license, you’ll need a Combined Angling Tag ($46 residents, $66 nonresidents) to fish for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, or halibut.

Columbia River Basin Endorsement ($11.75) is also required to fish for salmon, steelhead, or sturgeon in the Columbia River basin.

Other tags and endorsements may apply for certain situations or locations. Review regulations before choosing just a basic license.

Youth & Senior Licenses

Youth ages 12–17 can purchase annual licenses for only $10, covering fishing, hunting, and shellfish harvesting.

Seniors over 70 who meet residency requirements qualify for reduced senior licenses starting at $29.

Purchasing Your Oregon License

Oregon licenses are available online through ODFW, at license agents, and at ODFW offices. Consider getting started early before your trip!

Do fishing regulations vary by location?

Yes! Oregon has complex and often changing fishing regulations depending on location, season, and species. Always review the official ODFW regulations guide before fishing unfamiliar waters. Carry it with you on-site as a quick reference.


With this breakdown of 2024 Oregon fishing license costs and requirements, you can determine exactly what you’ll need before casting off. Don’t forget to review the fishing regulations for your chosen destinations. Finally, secure all necessary licenses, endorsements, and tags ahead of time, either online or through an approved agent. Then you’ll be set to reel in your next Oregon catch!

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