How Much Does an Ohio Fishing License Cost in 2020?

2024 Ohio Fishing License Cost: The Ultimate Guide

Are you an avid angler eager to explore the bountiful waters of Ohio? Before you cast your line, it’s crucial to understand the state’s fishing license requirements and costs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the details of Ohio fishing license fees for 2024, ensuring you have all the information you need for a hassle-free fishing experience.

Why You Need an Ohio Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license is not just a legal requirement in Ohio; it’s also an investment in the state’s thriving fisheries. The funds generated from license sales directly support conservation efforts, habitat restoration, and stocking programs. By obtaining your license, you contribute to the long-term sustainability of Ohio’s aquatic resources while gaining access to some of the best fishing opportunities in the country.

Who Needs an Ohio Fishing License?

In Ohio, a fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older who wants to fish in public waters. This applies to both residents and non-residents of the state. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Youth under 16 can fish without a license
  • Ohio residents born on or before December 31, 1937, can obtain a free senior fishing license
  • Certain active-duty military personnel may be exempt during leave or furlough
  • All Ohio residents can fish without a license during Free Fishing Days (June 15-16, 2024)

Ohio Fishing License Options and Costs

Ohio offers a variety of fishing license options to cater to the needs of different anglers. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, short-term or long-term fisherman, there’s a license tailored for you. Let’s break down the costs for each license type.

Resident Fishing License Costs

License Type Cost
1-Day License $14.00
1-Year Upgrade from 1-Day $12.00
1-Year License $25.00
3-Year License $72.11
5-Year License $120.18
10-Year License $240.36
Lifetime License $599.04

Ohio residents have the most extensive selection of fishing licenses, with options ranging from single-day permits to lifetime licenses. The 1-Year Upgrade allows anglers to apply the cost of a 1-Day License towards the purchase of an annual permit.

Resident Senior Fishing License Costs

License Type Cost
1-Year License $10.00
3-Year License $27.04
5-Year License $45.07
Lifetime License $84.24

Ohio offers discounted license fees for resident seniors aged 66 and older. These reduced rates make it more affordable for retirees to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Non-Resident Fishing License Costs

License Type Cost
1-Day License $14.00
1-Year Upgrade from 1-Day $37.44
3-Day License $25.00
1-Year License $50.96

Visitors to Ohio can choose from single-day, three-day, or annual fishing licenses. The 1-Year Upgrade option is also available for non-residents who wish to extend their 1-Day License to a full year.

Youth Fishing Licenses

Ohio residents under the age of 16 can fish without a license. However, the state offers a Resident Youth Lifetime License for $430.56, providing young anglers with a lifetime of fishing opportunities at a discounted rate.

How to Purchase an Ohio Fishing License

Obtaining your Ohio fishing license is a simple process with multiple options available:

  1. Online: Visit the official Ohio Department of Natural Resources website to purchase your license securely.
  2. In-Person: Stop by any authorized license sales agent, such as sporting goods stores, bait shops, or outdoor equipment retailers. Many of these locations also offer hunting licenses and other permits.
  3. By Phone: Call the ODNR Division of Wildlife at 1-866-703-1928 for operator-assisted license sales. Note that an additional $5.50 fee applies to phone transactions.

When purchasing your license, be prepared to provide personal information, proof of residency (for resident licenses), and payment. Once you have your license, make sure to carry it with you whenever you’re fishing, either as a physical copy or a digital version on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my fishing license?

If you misplace your license, you can easily print a duplicate from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website at no additional cost.

Can I fish in Ohio with an out-of-state license?

No, you must have a valid Ohio fishing license to fish in the state’s public waters. Reciprocal agreements with other states do not apply to fishing licenses.

Are there any size or catch limits I should be aware of?

Yes, Ohio has specific regulations regarding the size and daily limits for various fish species. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules, which can be found in the Ohio Fishing Regulations guidebook.

Do I need an additional license to fish in Lake Erie?

No, your Ohio fishing license is valid for fishing in Lake Erie and its tributaries. However, there are specific regulations for certain species in these waters, so consult the Lake Erie Fishing Regulations for details.


Obtaining your Ohio fishing license is a simple yet essential step in your angling journey. By understanding the license options, costs, and requirements for 2024, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience in the Buckeye State. Remember, your license purchase directly supports the conservation and enhancement of Ohio’s fisheries, making it a worthwhile investment for any passionate angler.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, grab your license, gear up, and get ready to explore the diverse and thrilling world of Ohio fishing. Tight lines and happy casting!

For the most up-to-date information on Ohio fishing licenses and regulations, always refer to the official Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife website.

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