Non-Resident Fishing Licenses in Wyoming: Fishing in Cowboy State

Welcome to the world of fishing in Wyoming, a true paradise for anglers! With countless lakes, rivers, and streams, there’s no shortage of fishing opportunities. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining a non-resident fishing license in Wyoming, so you can start reeling in those trophy catches.

Getting Started: Wyoming Fishing License Options

Wyoming offers various fishing license options for non-residents, including daily, 5-day, and annual licenses. It’s essential to choose the right license to suit your needs. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Daily License: If you’re planning a short trip, the daily license is your best bet. It’s valid for 24 hours from the start time you choose.
  • 5-Day License: This option is perfect for longer fishing trips, giving you five consecutive days to fish.
  • Annual License: The annual license allows you to fish year-round, making it ideal for frequent visitors.

Take a moment to compare the different types of fishing licenses to find which one aligns with your fishing plans.

How to Purchase a Wyoming Non-Resident Fishing License

Purchasing a non-resident fishing license in Wyoming is convenient and can be done through several methods:

  • Online: Easily buy your license via the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s website.
  • In-person: Visit one of many authorized license selling agents across the state.
  • By phone: Dial 1-877-WGFD-247 to order your license directly from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Each method is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that you can acquire your license with ease before your fishing adventure.

Fees and Requirements

The cost of a fishing license for a non-resident varies depending on the type of license you select. Beyond the license fee, you may also need to purchase a Conservation Stamp. This stamp supports Wyoming’s wildlife management and environmental protection efforts. For the most current information on license fees and Conservation Stamp requirements, it’s recommended to visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website.

If a licensed adult is present, non-residents under the age of 14 do not need a fishing license. However, their catch counts towards the adult’s limits.

Fishing Regulations and Limits

Abiding by Wyoming’s fishing regulations is crucial. These include catch and size limits, seasonal closures, and area-specific rules. To ensure sustainable fishing practices, always check the latest regulations on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website.

Best Fishing Spots in Wyoming

Wyoming boasts an array of stellar fishing spots:

  • Yellowstone National Park: With diverse fish populations, it’s an angler’s dream. Remember to check park-specific regulations.
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir: Known for trophy trout, it’s a hotspot for anglers seeking a big catch.
  • Bighorn River: Offers brown and rainbow trout fly fishing in an acclaimed setting.
  • North Platte River: Renowned for its fly fishing amidst stunning scenery.

Explore these destinations and more for an unforgettable Wyoming fishing experience.

Contact Information

For inquiries about the Non-Resident Lifetime Fishing License or other questions:

In conclusion, Wyoming extends an outstanding fishing experience for non-residents. By securing the right license, staying informed on regulations, and visiting top fishing spots, you’re set for an exceptional angling adventure in the Cowboy State.

How much does a non-resident fishing license cost in Wyoming?

The cost of a non-resident fishing license in Wyoming varies by the type of license. A daily license may cost differently compared to a 5-day or an annual license. Prices are subject to change, so it’s best to check the most current fees on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website or by contacting them directly.

Can I purchase a Wyoming non-resident fishing license online?

Yes, non-residents can conveniently purchase a Wyoming fishing license online through the official Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s website. This is the quickest way to obtain your license before arriving at your fishing destination.

Are there any exceptions for non-residents not to require a fishing license in Wyoming?

If they are with an adult who has a valid license, non-residents under the age of 14 do not need a fishing license. However, the catch by the child is included in the accompanying adult’s daily limit.

What are the consequences of fishing without a license in Wyoming?

Fishing without a valid license is illegal and can result in fines and penalties. It’s important to have your non-resident fishing license with you at all times while fishing to comply with Wyoming state laws.

Do non-resident anglers need to be aware of any specific fishing regulations in Wyoming?

Yes, all anglers, including non-residents, must follow Wyoming’s fishing regulations, which include bag and size limits, seasonal closures, and specific rules for different bodies of water. Detailed regulations can be found on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website or by contacting their office for the latest information.

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