NJ Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

NJ Fishing License Cost: Your 2024 Guide

Are you planning to fish in New Jersey’s abundant freshwater or saltwater in 2024? Before casting your line, it’s essential to understand the state’s fishing license requirements and costs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about obtaining a New Jersey fishing license in 2024, including types, fees, exemptions, and how to purchase one.

Types of New Jersey Fishing Licenses

New Jersey offers several types of fishing licenses, depending on your residency status, age, and the duration of your fishing activities. Here are the main categories:

Resident Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Fishing License (Ages 16-64): $22.50
  • Senior Resident Fishing License (Ages 65-69): $12.50
  • Resident Trout Stamp (Ages 16-69): $10.50
  • Disabled Veteran Fishing License: Free (with proper documentation)

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Fishing License (Age 16 and older): $34.00
  • 7-Day Vacation Fishing License: $19.50
  • 2-Day Vacation Fishing License: $9.00
  • Non-Resident Trout Stamp: $20.00

Free/Reduced Fee Licenses

Certain individuals may qualify for free or reduced-fee fishing licenses in New Jersey:

  • Residents age 70 and older: Free license and trout stamp
  • National Guard members: Free license with proper documentation
  • Disabled veterans: Free license with proper documentation
  • Farmers and immediate family members fishing on their own farm: No license required

Exemptions from Fishing Licenses

In some cases, anglers may be exempt from needing a New Jersey fishing license:

  • Children under 16 years old
  • Residents fishing on Free Fishing Days (June 1 and October 19, 2024)
  • Anglers fishing at a licensed fishing preserve

Purchasing a New Jersey Fishing License

You can purchase a New Jersey fishing license through several methods:

  1. Online: Visit the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife’s license website to buy and print your license instantly.
  2. In-person: Find a licensed agent, such as a sporting goods store or bait shop, using the license agent locator.
  3. By phone: Call the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife at (888) 773-8450.

Note that online purchases may include additional convenience fees and credit card processing fees.

Do I need a trout stamp to fish for trout in New Jersey?

Yes, anglers aged 16-69 must possess a valid trout stamp in addition to their fishing license to fish for trout in New Jersey waters.

Can I fish in New Jersey’s saltwater without a license?

While New Jersey does not require a general saltwater fishing license, anglers must register with the free New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program before fishing in marine waters.

How long is my New Jersey fishing license valid?

Annual fishing licenses are valid from the date of purchase through December 31 of the same year. Short-term licenses (e.g., 1-day, 2-day, or 7-day) are valid for the specified duration from the date of purchase.


Obtaining a New Jersey fishing license is a simple process that ensures you’re following the state’s regulations and supporting conservation efforts. By understanding the types of licenses available, their costs, and how to purchase them, you’ll be well-prepared for your 2024 fishing adventures in the Garden State. Remember to always carry your license with you while fishing and follow all applicable rules and regulations.

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