Missouri Hunting and Fishing License

Missouri offers world-class hunting and fishing opportunities across its diverse landscapes and abundant waterways. Before enjoying these activities in the Show-Me State, all anglers and hunters need valid permits for the 2024 season. This comprehensive guide outlines key information on Missouri hunting and fishing licenses, including latest prices, discounts, exemptions, and more.

Who Needs a Missouri Hunting or Fishing License?

In Missouri, most people between the ages of 16 and 64 require appropriate permits to fish or hunt legally within the state. This includes both residents and non-residents. Some exemptions apply, which we’ll outline shortly.

First, let’s break down the basic license requirements:

Missouri Residents

  • Ages 16-64: Require permits for fishing, hunting, and trapping
  • Age 65+: Exempt from fishing and small game hunting permits
  • Age 15 & under: Exempt from fishing and small game hunting permits


  • Ages 16+: Require fishing and hunting permits

Below we’ll explore various license types, prices, exemptions, and frequently asked questions.

2024 Missouri Hunting & Fishing Permit Options

Missouri offers a variety of permit options for fishing and hunting within the state. Prices vary based on residency, age, activity, species, and season.

Resident Permit Prices

Permit 2023 Price 2024 Price
Resident Small Game Hunting & Fishing $19 $20.50
Resident Fishing $12 $13
Resident Small Game Hunting $10 $10.50
Resident Spring Turkey $17 $18
Resident Firearm Deer $17 $18
Resident Antlerless Deer $7 $7.50
Resident Trapping $10 $11
1-Day Resident Fishing $7 $8
Trout Permit $7 No change
Migratory Bird Hunting $6 No change

Non-Resident Permit Prices

Permit 2023 Price 2024 Price
Non-Resident Fishing $49 $51
Non-Resident Small Game Hunting $80 $84
Non-Resident Firearm Deer $265 $276.50
Non-Resident Antlerless Deer $25 $26.25
Non-Resident Spring Turkey $190 $199.50
1-Day Non-Resident Fishing $7 No change

See all Missouri hunting and fishing permit prices

Besides these basic permits, you may need additional licenses or stamps for certain species like migratory birds and trout. We’ll cover permit exemptions and special cases later.

Where to Buy Missouri Hunting & Fishing Licenses

You can purchase Missouri hunting and fishing permits through several convenient methods:

  • Online through the Missouri Department of Conservation website
  • The MO Hunting app on your smartphone
  • By phone at 800-392-4115 (small surcharge applies)
  • In-person at any MDC office or permit vendor across Missouri

Consider enrolling in the auto-renewal service when buying online. This automatically renews your license before next season, saving time.

Special permits like those for commercial purposes must be purchased in-person at MDC headquarters in Jefferson City.

Missouri Hunting & Fishing License Exemptions

While most anglers and hunters need permits, Missouri offers several exemption categories. Individuals who qualify for exemptions can fish and hunt without standard licenses.

Common Missouri fishing and hunting license exemptions include:

  • Missouri residents age 65+: Exempt from fishing permits and small game hunting permits
  • Missouri residents age 15 & under: Exempt from fishing permits and small game hunting permits
  • Resident landowners: Exempt when fishing or small game hunting on land they own
  • Qualified disabled veterans: Exempt from fishing and small game hunting permits with proper documentation

Other special exemption cases exist as well. View all Missouri permit exemptions.

Most exemptions only apply to small game hunting and fishing. Special permits for migratory birds, deer, turkey, and trout may still be required.

Missouri Apprentice Hunting Program

Missouri allows novice hunters ages 11-15 to gain experience through the Apprentice Hunting Authorization program. This allows non-certified youth to purchase firearms hunting permits and hunt under supervision of a licensed adult mentor.

To qualify, apprentices must:

  • Be age 11-15
  • Hunt with a qualified adult mentor over age 18
  • Remain in “immediate presence” of the mentor

This gives young hunters a path to gain skills before completing Hunter Education Certification at age 16.

Learn more about the Missouri Apprentice Hunter program.

Missouri Hunter Education Requirements

Since 1967, Missouri has required all hunters born after January 1st, 1967 to complete a Hunter Education course before buying firearms hunting permits.

The Hunter Education program covers topics like firearm safety, regulations, wildlife conservation, outdoor ethics, and more. Course options include:

  • Online course: For ages 11+
  • In-person course: For ages 6+
  • Skills session: Required after online course

Once certified, hunters receive a Hunter Education card allowing them to purchase permits. Recertification is not necessary.

See Missouri Hunter Education requirements

Tagging & Reporting Hunted Animals

After harvesting certain animals like deer and turkey, Missouri hunters must tag or report their harvests properly. Requirements include:

Tagging: Immediately notch permit with date & time of harvest

Reporting: Call 800-392-4115 or use MO Hunting app to “Telecheck” the animal within 10 pm the day its taken.

Failing to tag or report properly can lead to fines over $200.

Learn more about Missouri harvest tagging and reporting

Missouri Military & Veteran Hunting & Fishing Permits

Missouri offers special benefits for active duty and qualifying veterans including discounted licenses, permit exemptions, and reinstatement if deployed mid-season.

Key military and veteran permit options:

  • Resident disabled veterans: Fish and small game hunt without permits
  • Qualified non-residents: Buy licenses at resident rates
  • $5 small game/fishing permit: For currently mobilized Missouri National Guard or Reserves
  • Free reinstatement: If deployed mid-season while permit was valid

Veterans must provide proper documentation to access benefits. More details on eligibility and required documents can be found on the Missouri Veteran Benefits page.

Missouri Hunting & Fishing Permit FAQs

Do I need a permit for public land hunting?

Yes, all standard permit rules apply on public lands like conservation areas. Some additional rules may also be in place, so review area regulations.

Can I get Missouri licenses if I live out-of-state?

Yes, non-residents can purchase appropriate non-resident Missouri hunting and fishing permits. Some restrictions apply.

How old do you have to be to get a permit in Missouri?

Age 16 is the general minimum age to require fishing and hunting permits. Hunter Education Certification is required for all hunters born after 1967 once they turn age 11.

When do Missouri hunting and fishing permits expire?

Most permits expire the final day of February each year. Consider enrolling in auto-renewal when purchasing online.

Where does permit money go?

Funds generated from permit sales support Missouri fish and wildlife conservation efforts, habitat improvements, hatcheries, public land maintenance, and other programs.

Get Started with Your 2024 Permits

With this guide’s help, you should now understand Missouri hunting and fishing permit requirements for 2024. Major points to remember:

  • Most anglers and hunters need permits
  • Several exemption cases apply
  • Special rules for veterans and youth
  • Hunter Education required for hunters born after 1967
  • Proper harvest tagging and reporting is crucial

Ready to get started? Review the best places to buy hunting and fishing licenses in Missouri, then purchase your 2024 permits through the method you prefer. With permits in hand, you can fully enjoy fantastic outdoor opportunities across the Show-Me State.

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