Mississippi Fishing Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

2024 Mississippi Fishing License Guide: Requirements, Types, How to Get

Are you ready to cast your line into the bountiful waters of Mississippi in 2024? Before you embark on your fishing adventure, it’s crucial to understand the state’s fishing license requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Mississippi fishing licenses, including who needs them, the different types available, and how to obtain them. We’ll also cover essential fishing regulations and laws to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience while fishing in Mississippi’s diverse waterways.

Who Needs a Mississippi Fishing License?

In Mississippi, anyone aged 16 or older must possess a valid fishing license to fish in public waters. This requirement applies to both residents and non-residents of the state. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Children under the age of 16 can fish without a license.
  • Residents aged 65 or older can fish without a license, but they must carry proof of age and residency.
  • Residents who are blind, paraplegic, a multiple-amputee, or totally disabled can obtain a special disability license at no cost.
  • Residents fishing on private property they own or lease are exempt from needing a license.

It’s important to note that even if you qualify for an exemption, you must still adhere to all other fishing regulations, such as daily catch limits and size restrictions.

Types of Mississippi Fishing Licenses

Mississippi offers several types of fishing licenses to cater to the needs of different anglers. Here are the main categories:

Freshwater Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Resident Fishing License: This license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows Mississippi residents to fish in all public freshwater areas in the state.
  • Annual Non-Resident Fishing License: Non-residents can purchase this license to fish in Mississippi’s public freshwater areas for one year from the date of purchase.
  • 3-Day Non-Resident Fishing License: This short-term license is perfect for non-residents planning a weekend fishing trip or a brief vacation in Mississippi.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Resident Saltwater Fishing License: Mississippi residents can purchase this license to fish in the state’s saltwater areas, including the Gulf of Mexico, for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Annual Non-Resident Saltwater Fishing License: Non-residents can buy this license to enjoy saltwater fishing in Mississippi for one year from the date of purchase.
  • 3-Day Non-Resident Saltwater Fishing License: This license is ideal for non-residents planning a short saltwater fishing trip in Mississippi.

Combination Licenses

  • Annual Resident Sportsman License: This all-inclusive license covers freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and hunting privileges for Mississippi residents for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Annual Non-Resident Sportsman License: Non-residents can purchase this comprehensive license to enjoy freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and hunting in Mississippi for one year from the date of purchase.

Lifetime Licenses

  • Lifetime Sportsman License: Mississippi residents can invest in a lifetime license that covers all hunting and fishing privileges in the state. This one-time purchase provides a cost-effective option for avid outdoorsmen and women.

It’s crucial to choose the right type of license based on your residency status, the duration of your fishing trip, and the type of fishing you plan to do (freshwater or saltwater).

How to Get a Mississippi Fishing License

Obtaining a fishing license in Mississippi is a straightforward process, with several convenient options available:

  1. Online: Visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) website, where you can purchase your fishing license online using a credit card. You’ll receive an electronic copy of your license, which you can print out or save on your mobile device.
  2. Phone: Call the MDWFP at 1-800-5GO-HUNT (1-800-546-4868) to purchase your license over the phone. Have your credit card information ready, and a customer service representative will assist you with the process.
  3. In-Person: Visit any licensed agent, such as sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, or MDWFP regional offices, to purchase your fishing license in person. You can pay with cash, check, or credit card, depending on the location.

When purchasing your license, be prepared to provide personal information, such as your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (for residents). Non-residents may need to provide proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Once you have your fishing license, make sure to carry it with you whenever you’re fishing, as conservation officers may ask to see it to ensure compliance with state regulations.

Mississippi Fishing License Exemptions

While most anglers need a fishing license in Mississippi, there are a few notable exemptions:

  • Children: As mentioned earlier, children under the age of 16 can fish without a license in Mississippi. This exemption encourages young anglers to explore the joys of fishing and develop a lifelong passion for the outdoors.
  • Senior Citizens: Mississippi residents aged 65 or older are exempt from needing a fishing license. However, they must carry proof of age and residency while fishing, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID card.
  • Disabled Individuals: Residents who are blind, paraplegic, a multiple-amputee, or totally disabled can obtain a special disability license at no cost. To qualify, they must provide proof of their disability from a licensed physician or government agency.
  • Private Property: If you’re a Mississippi resident fishing on private property that you own or lease, you don’t need a fishing license. However, this exemption does not apply to non-residents or when fishing on someone else’s private property.
  • Free Fishing Days: Each year, the MDWFP designates a few days as “Free Fishing Days,” during which anyone can fish in Mississippi’s public waters without a license. These days are typically announced on the MDWFP website and social media channels.

It’s essential to remember that even if you qualify for an exemption, you must still follow all other fishing regulations, such as daily catch limits, size restrictions, and seasons.

Mississippi Fishing Regulations and Laws

To ensure the sustainability of Mississippi’s fisheries and promote responsible angling, the state has established various fishing regulations and laws. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Daily Catch Limits

Mississippi enforces daily catch limits for many fish species to prevent overfishing and maintain healthy populations. These limits vary depending on the species and can change from year to year. Some common examples for 2024 include:

  • Largemouth Bass: 10 per day, with no more than 5 over 20 inches
  • Crappie: 30 per day, with no minimum length limit
  • Catfish (Channel, Blue, and Flathead combined): 10 per day, with no minimum length limit

Be sure to check the MDWFP website for the most up-to-date catch limits before heading out on your fishing trip.

Size Restrictions

In addition to daily catch limits, Mississippi also enforces size restrictions for certain fish species. These regulations help protect juvenile fish and ensure that they have the opportunity to reach maturity and reproduce. Some examples of size restrictions in 2024 include:

  • Largemouth Bass: No minimum length limit, but only 5 fish over 20 inches may be kept per day
  • Spotted Bass: 12-inch minimum length limit
  • Red Drum (Redfish): 18-30 inch slot limit, with only 1 fish over 30 inches allowed per day

Always refer to the current fishing regulations for the most accurate size restrictions.


While many fish species can be caught year-round in Mississippi, some have specific seasons to protect them during spawning periods or other sensitive times. For example:

  • Paddlefish: The season typically runs from November through April, with specific dates announced by the MDWFP each year.
  • Alligator Gar: A special permit is required to fish for Alligator Gar, and the season is usually limited to a few weeks in the spring.

Check the MDWFP website or consult with local bait and tackle shops to stay informed about any seasonal closures or restrictions.

Prohibited Methods

To promote fair and ethical fishing practices, Mississippi prohibits certain fishing methods, including:

  • Snagging: It is illegal to snag fish by hooking them in any part of the body other than the mouth.
  • Dynamite or Poison: Using explosives or poison to catch fish is strictly prohibited and carries severe penalties.
  • Noodling: Hand-fishing, or noodling, is not allowed in Mississippi’s public waters.

Always use legal and approved fishing methods to avoid fines and help maintain the integrity of the state’s fisheries.

Boating Safety

If you plan to fish from a boat in Mississippi, it’s crucial to follow boating safety regulations:

  • Life Jackets: All boats must have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on board. Children under 12 must wear a life jacket at all times while the boat is underway.
  • Boating Education: Anyone born after June 30, 1980, must complete a boating education course before operating a motorized vessel.
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Limit: It is illegal to operate a boat with a BAC of 0.08% or higher, the same as for driving a car.

By adhering to these regulations and prioritizing safety, you can ensure a pleasant and incident-free fishing experience on Mississippi’s waterways.


Fishing in Mississippi offers endless opportunities for anglers of all skill levels, from the mighty Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico’s productive waters. By understanding the state’s fishing license requirements, regulations, and laws, you can enjoy a memorable and law-abiding fishing adventure in 2024.

Remember to purchase the appropriate fishing license for your needs, follow daily catch limits and size restrictions, and always prioritize safety on the water. With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge needed to make the most of your Mississippi fishing experience.

So grab your gear, secure your fishing license, and get ready to create unforgettable memories on Mississippi’s diverse and bountiful waterways in 2024!

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