Mississippi Fishing License: A Comprehensive Guide

Mississippi Fishing License: A Comprehensive Guide

Fishing in Mississippi is a popular pastime that requires a valid fishing license for most individuals. Whether you’re a resident or a non-resident, understanding the licensing requirements is essential for a legal and enjoyable fishing experience. This guide provides a detailed overview of the types of fishing licenses available, their costs, exemptions, and how to purchase them.

Types of Fishing Licenses and Costs

Mississippi offers various licenses for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Here’s a breakdown of the license types and their associated costs:

License Type Resident Price Non-Resident Price
One Day (Saltwater) N/A $8
Three Day (Freshwater) $3 $15
Annual (Freshwater) N/A $60
Annual Combo (Freshwater & Small Game Hunting) $10 N/A
Annual Combo (Freshwater & All Game Hunting) $25 N/A
Annual Sportsman (Freshwater, All Game, Primitive Weapon/Archery Hunting) $45 N/A

Please note that these prices do not include agent and processing fees, which vary.

Exemptions and Special Licenses

Certain individuals are exempt from purchasing a fishing license in Mississippi:

  • Residents who are paraplegic, totally disabled (as declared by the Veterans Administration or Social Security Administration), multiple amputees, or visually impaired.
  • Residents over 65 years old are exempt from a freshwater license but must purchase a lifetime saltwater license if fishing in saltwater.

Active-duty military members stationed in Mississippi can purchase a 14-day sportsman license for $33, which includes freshwater but not saltwater fishing.

Mississippi Fishing License: A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing a Mississippi Fishing License

Licenses can be acquired through various channels:

  • Online: Purchase at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website.
  • App: Use the MDWFP app to buy and carry a digital license.
  • In-Person: Visit a Department sales office or an authorized vendor such as fishing stores or Walmart.
  • Walmart: 68 Walmart stores in Mississippi sell fishing licenses.

License Renewal

Licenses can be renewed online, in person, by phone, by mail, or automatically via the MDWFP app.

Saltwater Fishing License

For saltwater fishing, residents aged 16 to 64 can purchase an annual license for $10. Senior residents over 64 can obtain a lifetime saltwater license for $5. Non-residents have the option of an annual saltwater license for $30 or a three-day license for $15, with additional agent and processing fees.

License Packages

Mississippi also offers license packages that bundle various privileges, such as the Super Sportsman package, which includes a sportsman license, saltwater fishing license, and more.

Regulations and Age Requirements

All persons between the ages of 16 and 64 must have a valid Mississippi fishing license to fish in state waters. Residents over 64 are exempt from a freshwater license but must have a lifetime saltwater license if fishing in saltwater.


Mississippi’s fishing license system is designed to cater to the needs of different anglers while supporting conservation efforts. By following the guidelines and purchasing the appropriate license, anglers can enjoy the rich fishing opportunities Mississippi has to offer. Always check the latest regulations and updates before heading out to fish.

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