Michigan Non-Resident Fishing License: Cost & Info

Michigan Non-Resident Fishing License: Cost & Info

Fishing in the pristine waters of Michigan is akin to finding a hidden treasure chest, but with fish instead of gold. If you’re not lucky enough to call the Great Lakes State home, you’ll need a Michigan Non-Resident Fishing License to partake in this aquatic adventure. This guide will walk you through securing your license, understanding the costs involved, and adhering to the rules that ensure your fishing tales are both epic and lawful.

Types Of Non-Resident Fishing Licenses In Michigan

Michigan offers a variety of fishing licenses to non-residents, each tailored to different lengths of stay and fishing ambitions. Whether you’re planning a quick dip or a lengthy expedition, there’s a license just for you:

  • 24-Hour License: Perfect for the spontaneous angler, this license lets you fish for a full 24 hours from the time of purchase. It’s the go-to choice for those who decide, on a whim, that today’s the day to fish.
  • 72-Hour License: Ideal for a weekend warrior, this license covers you for a solid weekend of fishing bliss.
  • Annual License: For the angler who can’t stay away, the annual license is your best bet for year-round fishing adventures.
  • 3-Day All Species License: The ultimate choice for the ambitious angler, this license allows you to fish for all species across Michigan’s vast waters for three consecutive days. It’s like the golden ticket to fishing licenses.

Cost Of Non-Resident Fishing Licenses In Michigan

The cost of your fishing license adventure varies by the type and duration of the license:

  • 24-Hour License: $10
  • 72-Hour License: $30
  • Annual License: $76
  • 3-Day All Species License: $30

These rates are accurate as of 2024, but always double-check the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website for the latest fees.

General Regulations For Non-Resident Anglers

Before you cast your line, familiarize yourself with Michigan’s fishing regulations to ensure a compliant and enjoyable trip. Key points include possession limits, seasonal restrictions, legal bait and lure types, and equipment regulations. Since rules can vary by location, it’s wise to consult the Michigan DNR for specifics.

Where To Buy Your Michigan Non-Resident Fishing License

Getting your hands on a license is as easy as pie. The most convenient method is online through the Michigan DNR website. Alternatively, you can visit various licensed retailers across the state, including sporting goods stores and tackle shops.


Embarking on a fishing journey in Michigan is an experience that promises both tranquility and excitement. With your license in hand and a thorough understanding of the rules, you’re all set for what’s sure to be an unforgettable adventure. Just remember, the fish are waiting, and they’re not going to catch themselves!


How much does a non-resident fishing license cost in Michigan?

The cost of a non-resident fishing license in Michigan varies based on the duration of the license. A 24-hour license costs $10, a 72-hour license costs $30, and an annual license costs $76.

Where can I buy a non-resident Michigan fishing license?

You can buy a non-resident Michigan fishing license online through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website or in person at any authorized license agent in the state.

What are the regulations for non-resident anglers in Michigan?

Non-resident anglers in Michigan must comply with all state fishing regulations. This includes having a valid fishing license, following size and bag limits, and adhering to specific fishing seasons and regulations for different species.

Can I fish for all species with a Michigan non-resident fishing license?

Yes, with the 3-Day All Species License, you can fish for all species in Michigan’s inland and Great Lakes waters. However, specific regulations and seasons apply to different species, so be sure to check these before you go fishing.

What do I need to purchase a non-resident Michigan fishing license?

To purchase a non-resident Michigan fishing license, you’ll need a valid driver’s license from your state of residency or a DNR Sport card. You can purchase your license online or from a licensed agent in Michigan.

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