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Michigan Fishing Licenses: How Long Do They Last?

If you are an angler planning to fish in Michigan, you may be wondering how long a fishing license is valid. A Michigan fishing license is required for all anglers over the age of 17, including non-residents. In this article, we will take a closer look at the validity period of Michigan fishing licenses and the process of obtaining them.

Michigan Fishing Licenses: How Long Do They Last?

Understanding Michigan Fishing License Validity

A Michigan fishing license is typically valid for one year from March 1 to February 28 of the following year. However, you can also purchase a 72-hour, 24-hour or 3-day license in case you are visiting Michigan for a shorter duration. It is important to note that some licenses, such as the all-species, ice fishing, and the restricted inland trout license, may have different validity periods.

How To Obtain a Michigan Fishing License

Obtaining a Michigan fishing license is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Research License Requirements

Before applying for a license, you should first understand the type of license you need. Michigan offers various fishing license options based on your residency status, age, and fishing preferences. Research the requirements online or via phone at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents

Once you know which license you need, prepare all the required documents such as your driver’s license or State ID. You may also need other documents like passports or immigration papers if you are a non-resident.

Step 3: Purchase the License

Now that you have confirmed the requirements and prepared necessary documents, you can purchase your Michigan fishing license. You can purchase a license online via the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website. Alternatively, you can buy your license in person at any authorized license agent or DNR customer service center. You should carry your license with you whenever you go fishing in Michigan.


A Michigan fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 17 who wants to fish in Michigan. The license is typically valid for one year, but shorter-term options are available. To obtain a Michigan fishing license, research license requirements, prepare required documents, and purchase the license online or in person. Follow these steps and enjoy fishing in Michigan without any hassle.


Sure! Here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Michigan Fishing Licenses: How Long Do They Last?”

Q: How long is a Michigan fishing license valid for?
A: A Michigan fishing license is valid for one year from the date of purchase. For example, if you buy a fishing license on June 1, 2021, it will be valid until May 31, 2022.

Q: Can I buy a fishing license that lasts longer than one year?
A: No, Michigan fishing licenses are only available for one-year durations. However, you can purchase a multi-year license for a discounted rate. For example, a three-year license costs less per year than buying three one-year licenses separately.

Q: Is there a grace period for renewing my Michigan fishing license?
A: No, there is no grace period for renewing a Michigan fishing license. You must have a valid license on your person while fishing, so it’s important to renew your license before it expires. You can purchase a new license up to a month before your current one expires to ensure you’re always covered.

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