Michigan Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Michigan Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Attention all fishing enthusiasts! If you’re planning to cast your line in the beautiful waters of Michigan, there’s one crucial thing you need to know: the cost of a Michigan fishing license. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information, from the types of licenses available to the rules and regulations you need to follow. So, let’s dive in and get you ready for your next fishing adventure.

Types of Fishing Licenses in Michigan

In Michigan, the type of fishing license you need depends on your residency status, age, and the species you’re targeting. Here’s a breakdown of the costs for each type of license:

  • Annual all-species resident license: $26
  • Annual all-species nonresident license: $76
  • Annual all-species senior license (65+ or legally blind, Michigan residents only): $11
  • Underwater spearfishing (resident or nonresident): Free (A DNR Sportcard may be needed)
  • Daily Fish (Resident or Nonresident): $10/day
  • Voluntary Youth (Age 16 and under): $2
  • Combo Hunt/Fish Licenses (Base, Annual Fishing, 2 Deer): Resident $76, Senior Resident $43, Nonresident $266

Please note that fishing license fees are waived for Michigan residents who are veterans with 100% disability or active duty.

Michigan Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Why Michigan Is A Top Fishing Destination

Michigan is a paradise for anglers, with easy access to four of the five Great Lakes and hundreds of miles of rivers. 20% of the world’s freshwater surface surrounds the state, providing a wide range of angling opportunities. The affordable cost of fishing licenses also makes Michigan rank high in financial accessibility for anglers.

Importance Of A Fishing License

A fishing license is more than just a permit; it’s a contribution to conservation efforts. The revenue generated from these licenses is used to educate the public on the benefits of hunting, fishing, and trapping in Michigan and the impact of these activities on the conservation, preservation, and management of the state’s natural resources.

Fishing Tournaments In Michigan

Michigan is also home to numerous fishing tournaments, further enhancing its appeal to anglers. The state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has taken an active interest in understanding, studying, and promoting competitive fishing in Michigan.

How To Purchase A Michigan Fishing License

You can purchase your fishing license online at Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses. All fishing licenses are valid for all species allowed for harvest, as indicated in the Michigan Fishing Guide.

Michigan Fishing License Cost

The cost of a Michigan fishing license varies depending on the type of license and the angler’s residency status. Here are the costs for the most common types of licenses:

  • Resident annual: $26
  • Nonresident annual: $76
  • Senior Annual (residents 65 and over or residents who are legally blind): $11
  • 24-hour (residents or nonresidents): $10 per day

Youth under the age of 17 are not required to purchase a fishing license, but they have the option to do so. The money earned from the sales of these voluntary youth fishing licenses supports youth fishing programs.

Best Fishing Spots in Michigan

Michigan offers a diverse array of freshwater species to pursue, making it a top destination for fishing. Some of the best fishing spots in Michigan include Lake Michigan, known for its excellent fishing for coho salmon, chinook salmon, and steelhead, and Lake Erie, considered the best walleye lake in the world. The Pere Marquette River is a popular spot for fly fishing, renowned for its brown trout and salmon fishing.


Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Michigan offers a wealth of fishing opportunities. With its affordable fishing licenses, diverse species, and numerous fishing spots, it’s no wonder Michigan is a top destination for fishing enthusiasts.


  1. How much does an annual all species resident fishing license cost in Michigan?
  2. Are fishing license fees waived for any group of people in Michigan? If yes, who are they?
  3. What percentage of Michigan is covered by water?
  4. Where can you purchase a Michigan fishing license?
  5. What is the cost of a daily fishing license in Michigan for a nonresident?

Answers: 1. $26, 2. Yes, for Michigan residents who are veterans with 100% disability or active-duty, 3. 41.5%, 4. Online at Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses, 5. $10/day

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