Lost Your PA Fishing License? Here's What to Do

Lost Your PA Fishing License? Here’s What to Do

Losing or misplacing your Pennsylvania fishing license can feel like you’ve accidentally let the big one get away. But fear not, fellow angels! The process to replace your license is as smooth as a calm day on the lake, ensuring you’ll be back to your favorite fishing spot, rod in hand, in no time. Before we dive deeper into the replacement process, let’s first navigate through a few scenarios where you might not need a license to enjoy the gentle tug of a fish on your line.

When is a fishing license not required?

In the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, not everyone needs a fishing license to enjoy the ripples of the waters. If you’re a youngster under 16 years old, the world is your oyster, or rather, your fish-filled pond. Military veterans with certain disabilities also enjoy this privilege, as a small thank you for their immense service. Moreover, Pennsylvania rolls out the red carpet several times a year with special fishing events such as Free Fishing Days, Mentored Youth Fishing Days, and Family Fishing Programs, where licenses are tucked away. For the latest scoop on these golden opportunities, always check the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.

Lost Your PA Fishing License? Here's What to Do

Step-By-Step Guide to Replacing Your PA Fishing License

  1. Set sail to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.
  2. Click on the “Purchase Fishing License” link, as if you’re selecting the perfect lure.
  3. Choose the “Replace a Lost License” option, because sometimes even the best of us drop our tackle box.
  4. Enter your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and driver’s license number, as carefully as you’d bait your hook.
  5. Pay the replacement fee with a credit or debit card, the modern-day equivalent of casting your line.
  6. Print your new fishing license directly from your computer, and voilà, you’re ready to fish again!

Remember, replacements can only be processed online or by visiting a licensing agent in person. Unfortunately, phone replacements are still swimming upstream and aren’t available yet.

What If You’re Out-of-State?

For those anglers who hail from beyond Pennsylvania’s borders but cherish its waters, you’re in luck. You can still replace your lost license online, ensuring your fishing trips remain uninterrupted. If you prefer a more personal touch, a list of approved licensing agents is waiting for you on the PA Fish and Boat Commission website.


Losing your PA fishing license is a minor snag in your fishing plans. With the steps outlined above, you’ll have your license back faster than you can say “fish on!” Always ensure you carry a valid fishing license to partake in Pennsylvania’s rich aquatic bounty. Happy fishing!

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