License to Fish in Germany: Requirements Unveiled

Ah, Germany – a land where the beer flows like rivers and, speaking of rivers, they’re chock-full of fish just waiting to be caught. But hold your horses, dear angler, because you can’t just waltz in and cast your line. There’s some paperwork to sort out first. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of getting that all-important fishing license in Germany.

Types Of Licenses

Resident License

If you call Germany home, you’ll need a fishing license, which is your golden ticket to the aquatic wonderlands. Scoop one up from your local fishing association or snag one online. Prices are as varied as the fish you’re after, ranging from a modest €10 to a princely €60 annually. And if you’re a senior or an angler with a disability, you might just reel in a discount.

Non-Resident License

Not a local? No problem. You too need a license, but it’ll cost you a bit more – think €20 to €130 for a week of fishing fun. It’s like a tourist tax, but for fish.

Special Permits

For those who fancy themselves a bit of a fishing connoisseur, there are special permits for the likes of fly fishing or the mysterious art of night fishing. These permits are like backstage passes – they require extra know-how and a bit more dough, but they’ll let you into the VIP sections of the fishing world.


Catch Limits

Germany has rules, and one of them is catch limits. You can’t just hoard all the pike or trout; there’s a cap to keep things fair. Pike fans, you get one per day. Trout enthusiasts, you can bag three. Remember, size matters here – too small, and you’ll have to let them go.


You’ll need the right gear, and no, we’re not talking lederhosen. Pike hunters, only artificial lures for you. Trout chasers, barbless hooks only, please. And for some species, a landing net isn’t just a suggestion – it’s a must.

Catch And Release

Catch and release isn’t just good karma; it’s encouraged, and sometimes it’s the law. Treat the fish like you would a fragile antique vase – with care and respect. Quick release equals happy fish and a happy ecosystem.

Environmental Protection

Don’t be that person who litters or scares the wildlife. Germany takes its nature seriously, and so should you. Stick to the rules, or you might find yourself with a lighter wallet.

In conclusion, getting your hands on a fishing license in Germany is as easy as downing a pretzel. Just make sure you’re clued up on the rules, and you’ll be set for a splendid fishing adventure in the heart of Europe.


Q: Who needs a fishing license in Germany?
A: If you’re dreaming of fishing in Germany’s pristine waters, you’ll need a license, whether you’re a local or just passing through.

Q: What are the requirements to obtain a fishing license in Germany?
A: Gear up for a fishing course, ace an exam, and if you’re at least 13, you’re in the club. The course is like a day at school, but for fishing.

Q: Where can I buy a fishing license in Germany?
A: Local fishing clubs, hunting and fishing stores, or the ever-present online marketplace are your go-to spots. Prices vary by state, so do a little homework to find the best deal in your neck of the woods.

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