Get Hooked on Savings: KY Fishing License Cost 2024 Revealed

Before you start dreaming about the big catch you’re going to reel in from the Bluegrass State’s waters, there’s a little something you need to sort out first: your fishing license. Yes, it’s as essential as your fishing gear. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll reveal the 2024 cost of a KY fishing license and even throw in some situations where you might not need one. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Kentucky Fishing License Cost 2024: The Breakdown

The cost of a Kentucky fishing license is as varied as the fish you can catch in our beautiful waters. It depends on a few factors, like your age, whether you call Kentucky home, and the type of license you’re after. Here’s the 2024 KY fishing license fee structure:

  • Resident Combination License (includes hunting and fishing): $42
  • Resident Annual Fishing License: $20
  • Resident Junior Fishing License (ages 12-15): $5
  • Non-Resident Combination License (includes hunting and fishing): $230
  • Non-Resident Annual Fishing License: $50
  • Non-Resident 7-day Fishing License: $30

If you’ve served our country or have celebrated more than 65 birthdays as a Kentucky resident, you might be in for a discount or even get to fish for free. Check with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to see if you qualify. They’re nice folks!

When can you give the license a miss?

While most of us need a fishing license to enjoy Kentucky’s aquatic bounty, there are some exceptions. For instance:

  • Kids under 12 can fish without a license. Start ’em young, we say!
  • Everyone can fish without a license on the first Saturday in June, which is National Fishing and Boating Day. Mark your calendars!
  • Free Fishing Weekend usually happens in early June, when everyone can fish without a license. It’s like Christmas in June for anglers!

Remember, even if you don’t need a license, you still need to follow other regulations, like size and bag limits. We love our fish; let’s keep it sustainable!

Special Fishing Events and Exemptions

Kentucky also hosts special fishing events that might keep you off the hook (pun intended) from needing a license. The two most popular ones are:

  • The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ Free Fishing Days are typically in spring and fall.
  • The KDFWR’s Take a Kid Fishing events are aimed at getting more kids outdoors and hooked on fishing.

During these events, everyone can fish without a license, no matter their age or where they’re from.


Now that you’re armed with the 2024 KY fishing license costs and know when you might not need one, you’re all set to plan your next fishing adventure. Always remember to follow the rules set by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and to fish responsibly. Tight lines, and happy fishing!


Q: How much does a Kentucky fishing license cost in 2024? A: The cost varies based on the type of license and your residency status. For residents, a one-year fishing license is $20, while a combo hunting and fishing license is $42. Non-residents can get a one-year fishing license for $50.

Q: Do senior citizens get a discount on Kentucky fishing licenses? A: Absolutely! Kentucky residents who are 65 or older can get a senior discounted fishing license for just $5. This license lets them fish in all Kentucky public waters, including lakes, rivers, and streams.

Q: Are there any free fishing days in Kentucky? A: Yes, indeed! Kentucky has designated free fishing days where everyone can fish without a license. In 2024, the free fishing days will be on June 1 and 2. It’s a fantastic opportunity for beginners or anyone who wants to introduce their kids to the sport without buying a license.

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