Kansas Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Kansas Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity in Kansas, with over 500,000 active anglers hitting the water each year. Before casting your line, it’s essential to understand the state’s fishing license requirements. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to legally fish in Kansas.

Resident License Costs

To qualify for resident licenses, you must have lived in Kansas for 60 consecutive days prior to purchasing. Licenses are required for residents ages 16-74.

Annual Fishing License – $27.50
The basic license needed to fish in Kansas public waters. Valid for 365 days from date issued.

Combination Hunting/Fishing License – $47.50 Bundles fishing and hunting privileges into one license.

Senior Fishing License (Ages 65-74) – $15 Discounted rate for older resident anglers. Proof of age required.

Senior Combo License (Ages 65-74) – $25 Discounted annual combo license with fishing and hunting privileges.

One-Day Fishing License – $8.50 Allows fishing for one calendar day, expires at midnight.

Five-Day Fishing License – $27.50 Allows fishing for 5 consecutive days from date of purchase.

Lifetime Fishing License – $502.50 One-time purchase covers holder for life. [Payable in 4 installments].

Kansas Fishing License Cost: What You Need to Know

Non-Resident Fishing License Costs

Required for any angler who has not established 60-day Kansas residency. Mandatory for non-residents ages 16 and over.

Annual Fishing License – $52.50
Valid for 365 days from date issued. Allows fishing in public waters.

One-Day Fishing License – $14.50 Allows fishing for one calendar day, expires at midnight.

Five-Day Fishing License – $27.50 Allows fishing for 5 consecutive days from purchase date.

Kansas Fishing Permits & Fees

Additional permits required to fish certain waters and species:

Trout Permit – $14.50 Residents / $12.50 Non-residents
Needed to fish designated trout waters every year from [Dec. 1st – March 31st].

Paddlefish Permit – $14.50 Residents / $12.50 Non-residents Mandatory when snagging paddlefish. Allows 2 fish daily creel limit.

Hand Fishing Permit – $27.50 Legalizes noodling for catfish during open season.

Bass Pass – $14.50 Required to compete in fishing tournaments around the state.

Three-Pole Permit – $6 Allows use of 3 poles/rods during open water fishing.

2024 Kansas Fishing Regulation Changes

  • Lowered paddlefish permit fee from $17.50 to $14.50
  • Bass tournament anglers now need $14.50 Bass Pass
  • [New lifetime licenses for kids under age 8]

Where To Buy A Kansas Fishing License

Licenses available:

Most licenses expire 365 days from purchase date. [Auto-renewal available online].

Active duty military personnel and students may qualify for resident licenses with appropriate documentation.

Always [review all fishing regulations] thoroughly before visiting Kansas waters!

Penalties for Fishing Without a License

Fishing without a valid license or violating regulations leads to hefty fines and court fees. Kansas wildlife officials actively enforce fishing laws.

Make sure you have the proper licenses and permits, and follow all rules. Failing to do so cuts into funding for conservation efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Resident licenses require 60-day Kansas residency
  • Non-residents need licenses starting at age 16
  • Extra permits mandated for some waters and species
  • New lifetime licenses for young kids
  • Purchase online, phone, vendors, or offices
  • Check regulations before every trip!

This covers the essential information on fishing license options and costs in Kansas for 2024. Contact the Department of Wildlife and Parks with any other questions!


How much does a basic fishing license cost in Kansas? A basic annual fishing license for Kansas residents will run you $27.50, while a 5-day fishing license is a cool $18.50. Non-residents can snag an annual license for $52.50 or a 5-day license for $27.50.

Are there any discounts available for fishing licenses in Kansas? Absolutely! Senior citizens aged 65 and up can get an annual fishing license for just $15.50. Disabled veterans are eligible for a free fishing license, and resident kids 15 and under can get their annual license for a mere $7.50.

How can I purchase a fishing license in Kansas? You’ve got options! Grab one online through the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website, at authorized vendors like sporting goods stores, or via the department’s mobile app. Just remember, if you’re 16 or older, you need a valid license to fish in Kansas waters.

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