Is an Oklahoma fishing license required for my youth?

Is an Oklahoma fishing license required for my youth?

If you’re planning to take your child fishing in Oklahoma, it’s important to know the state’s requirements for youth fishing licenses. The good news is that Oklahoma offers several exemptions for young anglers.

Youth Fishing License Exemptions in Oklahoma

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the following youth are exempt from needing a fishing license:

  • Oklahoma residents under 16 years old
  • Oklahoma residents under 18 who are in legal and physical custody of the state
  • Nonresidents under 14 years old
  • Nonresidents under 16 who reside in states that do not require nonresident youth under 16 to have a license

So in most cases, if your child is under 16, they will not need their own fishing license in Oklahoma. However, once they turn 16, they will need to purchase either a youth or adult license depending on their age.

Types of Oklahoma Fishing Licenses for Youth

For youth who do require a fishing license, Oklahoma offers a few options:

  • Youth Annual Fishing (16 & 17 years old): $5
  • Youth Annual Combination, Fishing & Hunting (16 & 17 years old): $19
  • Youth Fiscal Year Combination, Fishing & Hunting (16 & 17 years old): $19 (valid July 1 – June 30)

These licenses are available for purchase online at Go Outdoors Oklahoma, from authorized license dealers, or from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation directly.

Residency Requirements

To qualify for resident youth fishing licenses, the child must have established residency in Oklahoma for at least 60 days prior to purchasing the license. Proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or state ID, may be required.

Nonresident youth who meet the exemption criteria listed above do not need a license. Those who don’t meet exemptions can purchase a nonresident youth fishing license.

Special Permits

In addition to a state fishing license, some areas may require additional permits for activities like paddlefish fishing or accessing specific wildlife management areas. Be sure to check area regulations before heading out.

By following these guidelines and ensuring your child has the appropriate licenses and permits, you’ll be setting a great example of responsible outdoor recreation. Enjoy your fishing adventures together in Oklahoma’s beautiful waters!

For the most current information on Oklahoma fishing license requirements and exemptions, visit the official Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation website.

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