How Much is an Ohio Fishing License in 2024?

In Ohio, a fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older to legally fish in public waters. Licenses help fund conservation efforts to preserve fish populations and water quality for future generations. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of 2024 fishing license options and costs for Ohio residents, non-residents, and seniors.

Who Needs an Ohio Fishing License?

An Ohio fishing license is required for:

  • All residents 16 years of age or older
  • All non-residents 16 years of age or older

There are a few exemptions to the license requirement:

  • Children under 16: Ohio residents and non-residents under 16 can fish without a license.
  • Privately-owned waters: No license is needed to fish in private ponds, lakes, or reservoirs that do not have public access.
  • Military personnel on leave: Active duty military personnel stationed in Ohio but home on leave or furlough can fish without a license.

On the first weekend of May each year during Free Fishing Days, all Ohio residents can also fish license-free.

2024 Ohio Fishing License Options & Costs

Ohio offers a variety of fishing license durations and fee structures depending on residency status and age.

Resident Licenses

Resident Annual Licenses

  • 1-Day: $14
  • 1-Year (upgrade from 1-day license): $12
  • 1-Year: $25
  • 3-Year: $72.11
  • 5-Year: $120.18
  • 10-Year: $240.36
  • Lifetime: $599.04

Resident Senior Annual Licenses (Age 66+)

  • 1-Year: $10
  • 3-Year: $27.04
  • 5-Year: $45.07
  • Lifetime: $84.24

Non-Resident Licenses

Non-Resident Annual Licenses

  • 1-Day: $14
  • 3-Day: $25
  • 1-Year (upgrade from 1-day license): $37.44
  • 1-Year: $50.96

In addition to license fees, Ohio offers a plastic Conservation Card for $4. This durable card can hold lifetime licenses or be purchased annually with multi-year licenses.

Purchasing an Ohio Fishing License

Ohio fishing licenses can be purchased:

When buying online, licenses are emailed and can be displayed on a mobile device. Those purchasing lifetime or multi-year licenses online need an Ohio driver’s license or state ID associated with their account.

Other Important Ohio Fishing License Information

  • Licenses must be carried while fishing and shown upon request. Digital copies are acceptable.
  • 1-year licenses are valid for 365 days from purchase date. Multi-year licenses expire on the date printed.
  • Lost licenses can be reprinted for free from Replacement plastic cards cost $4.
  • Ohio River and Lake Erie have some additional regulations. Consult official guides.
  • Limits and seasons still apply, even if license exempt. Know the statewide regulations.


An Ohio fishing license is required for most anglers 16 and over fishing the state’s public waters. Understanding the license options, costs, purchasing process, and regulations is essential to stay legal. With this guide, Ohio residents, non-residents, and visiting anglers should have no trouble getting properly licensed for a 2024 fishing season full of enjoyment reeling in bass, walleye, trout, and more.

Official Ohio Fishing License Resources

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