How Much for a Michigan Out-of-State Fishing License?

How Much for a Michigan Out-of-State Fishing License?

As an experienced angler, one of the most important things to know before heading out to fish in a new state is the cost of a fishing license. Getting caught without the proper license can lead to hefty fines and legal trouble. In this article, we will discuss the cost of a Michigan out-of-state fishing license, the various types available, and the important regulations that anglers should be aware of.

Michigan: A Paradise for Anglers

Known as the second largest of the Great Lakes, the sixth largest lake globally, and the only one of the Great Lakes that is completely within the United States borders, Lake Michigan offers a tremendous and limitless fishing experience. A little smaller than the whole state of West Virginia, Lake Michigan provides 22,300 square miles of water. The lake’s surface is about 580 feet above sea level, and the lake has a volume of 1,180 cubic miles, with 1,650 miles of shoreline consisting largely of pebble beaches and sand. The lake borders Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, making these states popular for their recreational and sport fishing programs.

How Much for a Michigan Out-of-State Fishing License?

Who Needs a Fishing License in Michigan?

Michigan’s law requires anglers over the age of 17 to purchase a fishing license, whether they are on their own or a fishing charter. Depending on whether you are a resident of Michigan or from a different state, you will need to apply for separate permits. According to Michigan Law, a resident is anyone who has been living in Michigan continuously for six months or more or a full-time student at a Michigan university or college who resides in Michigan. You can prove your Michigan residency through your state-issued driver’s license, a valid Michigan ID, a DNR Sportscard, or your social security number.

Exemptions to Michigan Fishing License Requirements

Yes, certain persons are exempted from the requirement of a Michigan fishing license. Anglers under the age of 17 may fish without a Michigan fishing license but must adhere to fishing regulations and rules. This year, a new law allows anglers at the age of 16 or younger to purchase a voluntary youth all-species license. Any person over 17 helping a minor who doesn’t have a license must have a fishing license. A fishing license is required when targeting fish, reptiles, amphibians, and crustaceans.

Cost of a Michigan Fishing License

Michigan provides a 24-hour, 72-hour, and annual fishing license that caters to all-fish species. Residents and non-residents are charged the same for the first two licenses. However, for the annual license, the price varies for Michigan residents and non-residents.

  • 24 Hour License: Resident $10, Non-resident $10
  • 72 Hour License: Resident $30, Non-resident $30
  • Annual License: Resident $26, Non-resident $76
  • Senior/legally blind resident: $10 for 24 Hour License, $30 for 72 Hour License, $11 for Annual License
  • Voluntary License (Residents & Non-Residence under the age of 17): $2 for Annual License

Where Can You Apply a Michigan Fishing License?

There are various ways you can purchase your fishing license. You can apply for your license on the internet. To do so, visit the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website and go to their E-license page. Fill in the fishing license form, provide all the required documentation and pay the license fee. Download the license in PDF format, print it out, or carry it as a digital copy.


In conclusion, the cost of a Michigan out-of-state fishing license varies depending on the type of license and how long it is valid. Anglers should also be aware of the various regulations in place, such as catch and release requirements and possession limits. With this information, anglers can ensure they have the proper license and knowledge to enjoy a successful and legal fishing trip in Michigan.


Q: How much does an out-of-state fishing license cost in Michigan?

A: As of 2023, an out-of-state adult fishing license costs $76 for a year, $30 for 72 hours, and $10 for a single day.

Q: Can I purchase an out-of-state fishing license in Michigan? A: Yes, you can purchase an out-of-state fishing license in Michigan from various sources, including online, retailers, and in-person at the Department of Natural Resources offices.

Q: Are there any discounts available for out-of-state fishing licenses in Michigan? A: Yes, Michigan offers discounts on out-of-state fishing licenses for seniors aged 65 and older, disabled veterans, and active-duty military personnel. These individuals can purchase a discounted fishing license for $10.

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