How Much Does a Fishing License Cost in Washington State?

If you’re a seasoned angler or a fishing license pro, you’re probably well aware that a fishing license isn’t just a fancy piece of paper—it’s your ticket to legally fish in most states across the U.S. In the Evergreen State, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is the gatekeeper, issuing fishing licenses faster than you can say “salmon run.” But how much does it cost to fish legally in Washington? Let’s dive in.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Fishing License

The cost of a fishing license in Washington state is as varied as the fish in the sea. It depends on:

  • The type of fishing license you’re after
  • The duration of the fishing license
  • Whether you’re a Washington local or an out-of-stater

In Washington, you can choose from a smorgasbord of fishing licenses:

  • Annual licenses (for the dedicated angler)
  • Combination licenses (for those who like to mix hunting and fishing)
  • Short-term licenses (for the weekend warriors)
  • Shellfish/seaweed licenses (for the seafood lovers)
  • Razor clam licenses (for the clam diggers)

And here’s a bonus: If you’re a Washington resident, you get a discount. It’s like a local’s secret menu!

Cost Of Fishing Licenses In Washington State

As of 2021, here’s what you’ll pay for a fishing license in Washington:

  • Resident Annual: $29.50 (less than a fancy seafood dinner!)
  • Resident Combination: $69.50 (still cheaper than a new fishing rod)
  • Resident Short-term (1-3 days): $10.50 (cheaper than a movie ticket)
  • Non-Resident Annual: $84.50 (but think of the memories!)
  • Non-Resident Combination: $205.50 (a small price for a big adventure)
  • Non-Resident Short-term (1-3 days): $20.50 (less than a tank of gas)

Remember, these prices can change faster than a fish can swim, so always check the WDFW website for the latest prices.

The Importance Of Fishing Licenses For Conservation Efforts

Fishing licenses aren’t just a bureaucratic hoop to jump through—they’re a vital part of protecting and managing fish populations in Washington state. The money from fishing licenses goes straight into the WDFW’s conservation efforts. By requiring anglers to purchase fishing licenses, the WDFW can keep track of catch data, make informed decisions about fishing regulations, and ensure that fish populations stay healthy for future generations of anglers.

Promoting Responsible Angling

Fishing licenses also encourage responsible fishing. When you buy a license, you’re more likely to make ethical and environmentally friendly choices. Plus, your license gives you access to the latest fishing regulations, safety information, and other resources to help you fish responsibly.

So, before you cast your line on your next fishing trip, make sure you’ve got your fishing license. It’s not just a legal requirement—it’s your contribution to conservation efforts and responsible angling.


Q: How much does an annual fishing license cost in Washington State? A: An annual resident fishing license in Washington State is cheaper than a pair of waders—it’s just $29.50. For non-residents, it’s $84.50.

Q: Can I get a one-day fishing license in Washington State, and how much does it cost? A: Absolutely! A one-day resident fishing license in Washington State is a steal at $10.50. For non-residents, it’s $20.50.

Q: Are there any discounts available for senior citizens or disabled individuals looking to purchase a fishing license in Washington State? A: Yes, indeed! Senior citizens who are 70 years or older and disabled individuals can get a discounted fishing license for just $7.50. That’s less than a bucket of bait!

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