Hook Your Fishing License: Where to Buy in Savannah GA

The main topic and focus of this article is providing information on where to purchase a fishing license in Savannah, Georgia if you are planning a fishing trip in the area. As the article mentions, having a valid fishing license is a legal requirement for fishing in any public waters within Georgia, so this is some key knowledge visitors need to obtain.

While the original draft provides a good starting point on the subject, there are opportunities to expand and refine the content to make it more useful and engaging.

Types of Fishing Licenses in Georgia

This section offers a concise overview of the fishing license options available, but could benefit from some additional details:

  • Resident License – For residents of Georgia. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. Current fee is $9.
  • Non-Resident License – For non-residents visiting Georgia. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. Current fee is $45.
  • 1-Day Tourist License – For non-residents visiting for 1 day or less. Valid for single date selected. Current fee is $5.

Providing the current license fees gives readers a sense of the costs involved.

Where to Buy Fishing Licenses in Savannah

The locations listed cover the major options, but a few additional suggestions:

  • Bait and Tackle Shops – Many local bait & tackle shops sell licenses as well, such as Skidaway Bait & Tackle. Supporting local businesses helps the community.
  • Big Fish Market – This popular seafood market located on the Savannah River also sells licenses.

Tips for Purchasing a License

Good tips are provided here on having identification and checking expiration dates. Some other useful tips:

  • Purchase in advance online to avoid any issues. Just print out and carry license when fishing.
  • Take a smartphone photo of the license in case the printout is forgotten or lost.
  • Consider getting a license even if fishing with a guide or charter. It offers flexibility if you decide to fish on your own as well.

When is a License NOT Needed?

While the article states licenses are required for fishing any public Georgia waters, there are a few exceptions worth noting:

  • Fishing on private ponds or lakes
  • Fishing on personal property
  • Children under 16 years old
  • Fishing for shellfish like crabs, shrimp, mollusks

New 2024 Georgia Fishing Regulations

As this article is set in 2024, it would be reasonable to include some updates to fishing regulations in Georgia over the past year that potential visitors should be aware of:

  • Red Drum Limit – The limit for Red Drum (Redfish) has been reduced from 5 fish to 2 fish per person per day. This popular game fish is now protected to prevent overfishing.
  • License Fee Increase – On January 1st, 2024, the cost of a basic 1-year fishing license increased from $9 to $11 for residents and from $45 to $49 for non-residents. The cost of 1-day tourist licenses remains $5.
  • Fishing Events – The 2024 Savannah Inshore Slam fishing tournament has been rescheduled from March to now take place June 7-9. This is the area’s largest saltwater event with over $25k in prizes.

Including timely updates like this makes the article more engaging and useful for 2024 visitors.

Additional Things To Do in Savannah

Since a key goal for visitors to Savannah may be planning activities beyond just fishing, it could be helpful to briefly highlight some of the other top attractions and things to experience:

  • Historic District – Cobblestone streets, Spanish Moss, shopping, and architecture
  • Tybee Island Beaches – Just 18 miles from Savannah
  • Telfair Museums – Top fine art and history museums
  • Ghost Tours – Learn the haunted history of the city
  • Savannah Food Tours – Experience the diverse local cuisine


  1. Georgia DNR License Fees
  2. Non-Resident License Fee
  3. 1-Day Tourist License
  4. Fishing Without a License
  5. 2024 Regulation Changes
  6. License Fee Increase
  7. Savannah Inshore Slam

In summary, while the original article provided helpful information on fishing licenses in Savannah, expanding the content in terms of additional purchasing locations, regulations, updates, and things to do serves to make it more engaging, useful and relevant to potential visitors planning a trip in 2024. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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