Hook Your Alabama Fishing License in a Snap!

Alabama is home to some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities in the country. From the legendary bass waters of Lake Guntersville to the saltwater paradise of Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, anglers flock here from across the globe to wet a line. But before you can cast out in the Heart of Dixie, you’ll need to secure the proper Alabama fishing license for the waters you plan to fish.

Who Needs an Alabama Fishing License?

In Alabama, a fishing license is required for most anglers ages 16-64 to fish the public waters of the state, whether fresh or saltwater. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • Active military members stationed in Alabama and their dependents can purchase resident fishing licenses at the cheaper state resident rates.
  • Senior citizens ages 65+ are exempt from needing a fishing license.
  • Totally disabled residents can obtain a free lifetime fishing license.

Check here for other special exemptions that may apply to you.

Any non-resident of Alabama age 16+ will need to purchase a non-resident Alabama fishing license to fish public waters within the state. Resident college students ages 17-23 can obtain resident license rates.

Types of Alabama Fishing Licenses Available

Alabama offers a variety of fishing license options depending on if you plan to fish fresh or saltwater destinations.

Freshwater Fishing Licenses

A basic resident annual freshwater fishing license will run you just $16.15. It allows access to most lakes, rivers, and streams across the state designated as public fresh waters.

Non-residents have the choice of a 1-day trip ($10.65), 7-day trip ($32.15), or annual freshwater ($62.60) fishing license.

In addition to the basic license, you can add supplemental licenses like a trout permit or wildlife heritage license for additional freshwater fishing privileges.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses

To access saltwater fishing spots like Mobile Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, public piers and more, you’ll need a resident annual saltwater license ($28.50) or non-resident annual saltwater license ($61.35).

Short-term saltwater licenses are also available if you only plan to fish a few days.

combination freshwater and saltwater license can cover you for an entire year of fishing across Alabama.

Lifetime Fishing Licenses

For diehard Alabama anglers, a lifetime fishing license is available exclusively to state residents. One-time fees vary based on age:

  • Age 1-4: $500
  • Age 5-11: $400
  • Age 12-49: $300
  • Age 50+: $50

These lifetime licenses never expire and cover both fresh and saltwater fishing.

How to Get an Alabama Fishing License

Thanks to modern technology, obtaining an Alabama fishing license is quick and convenient:

Purchase Online

The quickest route is to purchase your license online through the Outdoor Alabama website. Just create an account, select your license type, securely enter payment info, and you can instantly print out a valid fishing license from home.

Local Agents

You can also visit one of over 800 license agents located throughout the state to purchase your license in person. These include local probate offices, bait & tackle shops, Walmart stores, town halls, etc. Most accept cash, checks, money orders and credit/debit cards.

Once purchased, just be sure to keep your paper license on you while fishing as proof of valid licensing. Officers do perform random checks riverside and lakeside.

Alabama Fishing License Costs & Fees

License prices in Alabama fall right around the national average. To recap, here’s a look at what you can expect to pay:

License Type Resident Cost Non-Resident Cost
Annual Freshwater $16.15 $62.60
Annual Saltwater $28.50 $61.35
7-Day Freshwater Trip n/a $32.15
1-Day Freshwater Trip n/a $10.65
Lifetime (age 12-49) $300 n/a

Special rates for military members and college students may also apply.

Now that you know how to reel in an Alabama fishing license, it’s time pick up a rod and experience world-class angling across the state! Just don’t forget that license in your tackle box.

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