Get Your Texas Fishing License Online: Easy, Fast & Affordable

Fishing is a popular outdoor recreational activity in Texas that allows anglers to connect with nature while pursuing their favorite fish species. As a proud Texan who loves fishing for bass, catfish, trout, and more in our state’s bountiful lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, the first step I take each season is getting a valid Texas fishing license online.

While a license is not required for fishing on private property or fishing piers, you do need one for accessing any public waters in the state. Fortunately, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) makes getting your license incredibly easy through their user-friendly online system.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through everything you need to know about getting a Texas fishing license online, including:

Plus plenty of tips and answers to frequently asked questions about licensing. Let’s get started!

According to Texas state law, anyone over the age of 17 must have a current fishing license issued by TPWD to fish in public fresh or salt waters in the state, whether you’re a resident or not. This includes non-residents coming into Texas to fish just for the day or weekend.

There are a select few exceptions where a fishing license is not needed:

  • Texas residents who are 16 years of age or younger can fish without a license. Once they turn 17, they must purchase one.
  • Qualified disabled veterans who are residents can fish license-free with proper identification. Certain restrictions apply so check here for details.
  • Residents born before January 1, 1931 are license-exempt.
  • When fishing on lakes fully enclosed within a state park, like Caddo Lake State Park.

Outside of these exceptions, purchasing a fishing license ahead of your trip is crucial. Fishing without a valid license comes with hefty penalties in Texas, including fines up to $500 per offense.

Having your license on hand to present to game wardens or other authorities when asked is also legally required. Digital copies are acceptable as long as they are readily viewable on your phone or mobile device.

Types of Texas Fishing Licenses Offered

TPWD offers a variety of license types and packages to meet the needs of most anglers:

Freshwater and Saltwater Licenses

You can choose either a statewide freshwater or saltwater fishing license based on what type of fish species you plan to pursue.

  • Freshwater licenses allow access to any freshwater lake, river, stream or creek. Perfect for targeting bass, catfish, crappie, trout and more.
  • Saltwater licenses give you access to bays, beaches, jetties and offshore waters. Great for anglers who love red drum, speckled trout, flounder and other saltwater species.

All-Water Licenses

For maximum flexibility, opt for one of the all-water license options below, valid for both fresh and salt waters:

Packages & Bundles

The all-water licenses above only cover basic rod-and-reel fishing. If you’ll be fishing trotlines, crab traps, cast nets or pursuing any other regulated activities, you’ll need additional endorsements.

Rather than purchasing multiple licenses and endorsements separately, I recommend getting one of TPWD’s all-inclusive fishing packages such as:

These bundles cover all your licensing needs in one purchase.

Costs & Fees for Texas Fishing Licenses

The cost of your Texas fishing license varies based mainly on duration (1-day vs annual license), residency, age, and number of endorsements needed.

Below are the base rates that Texas residents can expect to pay when ordering online:

License Type Cost
Freshwater Annual $30
Saltwater Annual $35
All-Water Annual $47
All-Water 1-Day $11
Super Combo Package $68

*Senior, disabled veteran and other discounts may apply. Additional fees per endorsement.

For non-residents, the same licenses run 2-3x the cost of resident rates:

License Type Non-Resident Cost
Freshwater Annual $58
Saltwater Annual $63
All-Water Annual $105
All-Water 1-Day $16

Lifetime all-water resident and non-resident licenses are also available annually for $1,000.

Every angler needs to purchase their own individual license. Friends, family members or members of a fishing club each require their own.

Purchasing Your License Online Step-by-Step

Thanks to TPWD’s convenient online system, getting your Texas fishing license takes just 5-10 minutes start to finish.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start Here” button to begin order
  3. Log in to your TPWD account or create a new one
  4. Select fishing license type needed under “Licenses”
  5. Pick resident or non-resident
  6. Input your identification details
  7. Check out shopping cart and pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express accepted)

Once the transaction is successfully processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your digital license ready for download. And just like that, you’re officially licensed and legal to fish!

For those who prefer handling business offline, you can also purchase at select retailers or any Texas Parks & Wildlife Department law enforcement office. Just be aware that additional handling fees apply when buying through these alternate channels instead of online.

Displaying & Validity Rules

Once purchased, you must carry your license on you when fishing as proof that you are properly licensed.

While physical paper licenses are still issued, most anglers today take advantage of the digital license option for convenience. You can either display your license on your phone or mobile device, or simply take a photo of the license to pull up when needed.

As long as the license details and QR code are clearly visible to authorities to scan, a digital copy is perfectly valid. Just make sure your phone is charged and not dead if asked to present it!

In terms of validity:

  • Annual freshwater, saltwater and all-water licenses are valid from date of sale through August 31 of the following year
  • 1-day licenses are only valid for the single calendar day chosen during purchase
  • The year-from-purchase all-water license starts the day you buy it, expiring the following August 31

So an all-water license I buy in November 2023 would cover me through the end of that fishing season until August 31, 2024.

Out-of-State Anglers & License Reciprocity

For anglers visiting from neighboring states, Texas does offer some reciprocal license agreements.

These allow out-of-state residents properly licensed in their home state to fish public waters on the Texas side of the border without needing a separate Texas license.

States with current reciprocal agreements include:

  • Oklahoma: License covers fishing in Texas waters of the Red River, Lake Texoma (Texas side) and the Texas/Oklahoma bordering reservoirs.
  • Arkansas: Valid on Texas waters of the Red River.
  • Louisiana: License covers fishing in Toledo Bend Reservoir and Sabine River.

Any non-resident angler coming to fish public waters in Texas outside of these reciprocal areas is required to purchase either an all-water, freshwater or saltwater non-resident license.

So there you have it – everything you need to know to get your Texas fishing license fast online! With an abundance of lakes, rivers, streams, bays and beaches to access, having that license in hand is your ticket to amazing fishing in the Lone Star State.

For additional info, be sure to check the TPWD fishing regulations covering size/bag limits, restricted areas and other rules to follow. Wishing tight lines and full stringers to all Texas anglers this season!

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