Get Your Quebec Fishing License Online Today!

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity in Quebec, with over 1.3 million licensed anglers across the province. Both residents and visitors need to have a valid fishing license to fish in Quebec’s bountiful lakes, rivers, and streams. Thankfully, getting a Quebec fishing license is now easier than ever through online services.

Who Needs a Quebec Fishing License?

Nearly all anglers over 16 years old need a fishing license to fish legally in Quebec, whether they live in the province or are visiting. The key exceptions are:

  • Children under 18 can fish without a license if accompanied by a license holder.
  • Residents 65 or older get licenses at a reduced yearly rate.
  • Some Aboriginal communities have special license exemptions.

So before reeling in your next big catch, be sure to get a valid Quebec fishing license to avoid potential fines. Licenses help fund conservation efforts so our fish populations remain healthy for generations to come.

Purchasing Your License Online

Getting a Quebec fishing license online is the most convenient option for residents and visitors alike. The Quebec government offers licenses for purchase through its online services at You can also create an account on the My Hunting and Fishing Account platform and manage all your licenses in one place.

The online process only takes a few minutes. You will need:

  • Valid photo ID, like a driver’s license
  • Credit card for payment
  • Email address for license delivery

Be sure to double check all personal information entered, as your license will be invalid if details like your name or birthdate are inaccurate.

Types of Licenses Available Online

Quebec offers a variety of fishing license types and durations to suit different needs:

Resident Licenses

  • Annual license – valid 365 days from purchase
  • 3-day license – valid for 3 consecutive days
  • 1-day license – valid for a single day

Non-Resident Licenses

  • Annual license – valid 365 days from purchase
  • 7-day license – valid for 7 consecutive days
  • 3-day license – valid for 3 consecutive days
  • 1-day license – valid for a single day

Special permits and exceptions may apply for certain species like Atlantic salmon, which require an additional license during salmon fishing season. Be sure to check current regulations based on location and time of year.

What’s the Cost of a Quebec Fishing License?

License fees help fund conservation efforts by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. Prices are in Canadian dollars and include sales tax:

Resident Licenses

  • Annual, under age 65 – $24.12
  • Annual, 65+ years – $19.13
  • 3-day – $17.61
  • 1-day – $8.55

Non-Resident Licenses

  • Annual – $86.35
  • 7-day – $52.03
  • 3-day – $34.61
  • 1-day – $20.17

For current pricing details, check the Quebec fishing license webpage.

Do I Need a Salmon Fishing License?

Yes, you need an additional Atlantic salmon sport fishing license to fish for salmon anywhere in Quebec, whether as a resident or visitor. This applies:

  • During open salmon fishing season, and
  • When fishing any species in a salmon river

The Atlantic salmon license can also be conveniently purchased online when getting your standard fishing license.

This extra license helps ensure the ongoing preservation of Quebec’s vulnerable wild Atlantic salmon populations through fishing limits and habitat protection.

Carry Proper Identification When Fishing

Whenever fishing in Quebec, remember to carry valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license. You must also have:

  • Your valid Quebec fishing license
  • Any special permits required for certain species

You need to present all documentation when asked by patrol officers, guardians, guides or outfitters. Failing to provide valid ID and an unexpired license can lead to fines.

Carrying digital copies on your phone is acceptable, but ensure your device is charged. Even better, keep paper copies as back-up.

Get Fishing With Peace of Mind

Obtaining a Quebec fishing license online is the fastest and most convenient way to access endless fishing opportunities across the province. With a few clicks and minutes to complete the purchase, you can enjoy Quebec’s spectacular fishing legally and sustainably.

Remember that licenses are non-transferable and require valid ID. So get your license today and start reeling in trophy catches on your next Quebec fishing adventure!

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