Get Your PA Fishing License Online Today!

Planning some fishing adventures across Pennsylvania in 2024? Before casting your line, be sure to get a valid PA fishing license to comply with state regulations. This guide will walk you through the key steps to legally fish the Keystone State’s abundant waterways.

Research The Requirements

Before applying for your Pennsylvania fishing license, first visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) website to determine which license type you need. Consider factors like residency status, age, and intended fishing locations. Pro tip: bookmark the license requirement chart for easy reference!


Pennsylvania residents need a standard resident fishing license. You must have lived in PA for at least 30 consecutive days before buying one.

Non-residents have the option of an annual tourist license or a tourist 3/7 day license based on the duration of their stay.


Anyone 16 years or older requires a fishing license to fish in PA. Residents under 16 can obtain a voluntary youth license.

License Types

The PFBC offers combination licenses that cover fishing plus hunting or boating privileges. Choose the option matching your needs.

Approved Trout/Salmon Waters

If you’ll be fishing approved trout waters and Lake Erie tributaries, an additional trout/salmon permit is required.

Prepare The Necessary Documents When purchasing your PA fishing license, have proper identification and documentation ready to verify eligibility.

Pennsylvania residents will need a valid state ID like a driver’s license, plus proof of address if it’s not listed on your ID. Documents like tax bills, bank statements, or rental agreements suffice.

Non-residents should bring identification and documentation from their home state to confirm residency, like a driver’s license or voter card.

Purchase The License Online Or In Person We recommend buying your 2024 PA fishing license online through the PFBC’s licensing system. Simply create an account, provide the required details, pay the fee, and print your license. Easy as hooking a sunfish!

If you prefer an old-fashioned in-person purchase, over 700 licensing agents across the state can assist you. Visit tackle shops, retailers like Walmart, some county treasurer offices, or PFBC regional offices.

Have Fun Fishing! With license in hand, you’ll be set to fish Pennsylvania’s abundant waterways like the Susquehanna RiverLake Erie, and Raystown LakeCheck the PFBC website for the latest regulations and consider downloading the FishBoatPA mobile app for handy reference. Tight lines!

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