Get Your MN Fishing License: Quick and Easy Process

Fishing is a popular pastime in Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. Anglers have a bounty of freshwater options across the state. To legally fish these waters, Minnesota residents and non-residents ages 16 to 89 must obtain an annual fishing license, with few exceptions. This guide covers everything you need to know about getting a license quickly and easily in 2024.

Do I Need a License to Fish in Minnesota?

In most cases, yes. The key requirements are:

  • Residents ages 16 to 89 must buy a license. This includes having established Minnesota residency for at least 60 consecutive days. Residents 21+ must provide a valid state driver’s license or ID when purchasing.
  • Non-residents of any age must have a license, except those 15 and under if a parent/guardian has a license.
  • State park waters: MN residents can fish license-free if shore fishing, wading, or in a boat fully within a state park boundary. This exemption does not apply to designated trout waters.

You must carry your license when fishing or traveling from an area where you were fishing. Check special exemptions for people with disabilities, nursing home residents, and active military.

What MN Fishing License Should I Get?

Minnesota offers annual and short-term licenses with options for individuals, couples, families, groups, and non-residents. Prices range from $5 to $126.

Popular choices:

  • Individual angling (resident $25, non-resident $51)
  • Combination angling for married couples (resident $40)
  • 3-year individual (resident $71)
  • 24-hour (resident $12, non-resident $14)

You also need a $10.75 trout stamp to fish for trout or salmon. Consider a lifetime license for the dedicated angler.

Review all license options based on residency, intended species, and desired validity period.

When Can I Buy a 2024 MN Fishing License?

2024 licenses can be purchased starting March 1st, 2023 either online, by phone 888-665-4236, or from approved agents across Minnesota.

They are valid through February 29, 2024. So get your license early to maximize fishing time!

How Do I Buy a Minnesota Fishing License?

You have three convenient options:

1. Purchase Online

Buying online is quick, easy, and secure. Have your driver’s license or state ID number ready if a resident. Pay via credit card with a small convenience fee.

Tip: Print temporary authorization for immediate use if buying a license requiring mailed tags.

2. Order by Phone

Call 888-665-4236 and provide your information to a live operator. Pay with a credit card and get a license ID number for immediate authorization.

3. Visit Local Agents

Find license agents like sporting goods stores by county who can sell licenses in person. Pay with cash, check, or credit card.

Review important purchasing notices for collecting personal information and ensuring valid identification.

Key Minnesota Fishing Regulations

When fishing Minnesota waters under your new license, be sure to follow all fishing regulations including:

  • Possession limits: Vary by species so check regulations. Fish kept in freezers or coolers count towards this limit.
  • Seasons: Different opening and closing dates for game fish like walleye, bass, trout, etc.
  • Methods: Specific rules for the use of hooks, lures, bait, nets, spearing, and other gear.
  • Water-specific: Extra limits or restrictions on certain lakes. Review special regulations by area.

Download the free guidebook for complete fishing laws.

Being an informed angler ensures you stay legal while supporting healthy and sustainable fisheries for future generations. So review regulations before wetting your line, then get out there and catch some fish!

Fishing Events and Programs

Once licensed, Minnesota offers abundant events and programs to sharpen your skills and connect with the angling community:

Or go guided fishing with one of Minnesota’s many expert fishing guides to learn the hottest spots and techniques!

Choose Responsible and Ethical Angling

Before chasing your next trophy fish, please remember to:

  • Respect regulations: Follow all size, catch, and possession limits.
  • Care for fish: Responsibly handle, photograph, and release fish.
  • Guard against invasive speciesClean boats, trailers, and gear between waters.
  • Pick up trash: Leave no trace by taking out what you bring in and cleaning up other debris.
  • Share the resource: Be considerate when fishing popular areas.

Practicing ethical angling ensures healthy and sustainable fisheries today and for future generations.

So get your 2024 Minnesota fishing license and get hooked on some of the nation’s best fishing! Be sure to take a kid along to pass on this beloved tradition.

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