Get Your Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License in NC

North Carolina offers resident and non-resident hunters and anglers the opportunity to purchase lifetime sportsman licenses that include inland fishing and hunting privileges. These convenient licenses provide lifetime coverage so you can enjoy North Carolina’s abundant wildlife and scenic waterways for years to come.

Overview of NC Lifetime Licenses

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues several types of lifetime sportsman licenses valid for different activities. Key features include:

  • Valid for life even if you move out of NC
  • Covers freshwater fishing and hunting of species like deer, bear, and waterfowl
  • Additional permits/stamps may be required each year

Eligibility depends on factors like residency, age, and disability status. Discounted rates are available for seniors, youth, disabled residents, and veterans.

Benefits of a Lifetime License

Lifetime privileges allow license holders to:

  • Hunt big game like deer, bear, and wild turkey
  • Hunt small game such as squirrel, grouse, rabbit
  • Hunt on game lands across North Carolina
  • Fish inland waters like lakes, rivers, streams
  • Access special hunts and fishing events

For avid outdoorsmen and women, the cost savings can be substantial compared to purchasing annual licenses and tags each year. Revenue also supports wildlife conservation programs in the state.

How to Get Your NC Lifetime License

Follow these key steps to get your North Carolina lifetime hunting/fishing license:

  • Determine eligibility based on age and residency
  • Gather required documents like ID, hunter education card, disability proof
  • Purchase license by mail, phone, or in-person
  • Carry license and obtain annual stamps as needed

Applicants must provide residency proof and other documentation. Licenses cannot be purchased online currently. Visit the NCWRC website for full instructions.

Getting a lifetime sportsman license is easy and offers outstanding value. Enjoy simplified access to North Carolina’s exceptional hunting and fishing opportunities.

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