Get Your Fishing License in Sooke BC: Where to Buy and How to Save

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity in Sooke, British Columbia, with anglers eager to reel in salmon, trout, and more from the region’s lakes, rivers and coastal areas. However, in order to legally fish these waters, you need to have a valid fishing license issued by the province of BC. This guide will provide everything you need to know about getting properly licensed for fishing in the Sooke area.

Why Do You Need a Fishing License in Sooke?

Fishing licenses are mandatory in British Columbia in order to conserve fish stocks and fund conservation efforts. As per BC’s fishing regulations, anyone over the age of 16 must carry an appropriate license when fishing in BC, including when fishing in the Sooke area.

The good news is that fishing licenses are affordable and easy to obtain. They help ensure healthy fish populations for future generations to enjoy. Fines for fishing without a license start at $100, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to get properly licensed before casting your line.

Types of Fishing Licenses Available in BC

There are a few different license options available to anglers fishing in BC:

  • Basic Freshwater License: This covers fishing in most BC freshwater lakes and rivers. It costs $47.84 per year for BC residents.
  • Basic Tidal Water License: This covers fishing in BC’s tidal waters, such as around Sooke. It costs $47.84 per year for BC residents.
  • Conservation Surcharge: This mandatory additional license costs $8.68 and is required when purchasing either a basic freshwater or tidal water license.
  • One-Day and Multi-Day Licenses: Short-term licenses are available for those who only wish to fish for a day or a few days. Prices start at $10.02 for a one-day freshwater license.
  • Non-Resident Licenses: More expensive licenses for anglers who do not reside in BC. A 3-day non-resident tidal water license costs $20.48 for example.

Make sure to carefully review the license options to determine the appropriate license type for your specific needs when fishing in Sooke.

Where To Buy a Fishing License in Sooke BC

Fortunately, purchasing a fishing license in Sooke is quick and convenient through several methods:


The easiest way to purchase a BC fishing license is online through the BC Fish and Wildlife website. You can obtain either a tidal or freshwater license valid for 1 day up to 1 year. Payment can be made securely via credit card.


If you would prefer to get your license in-person, you have several options in Sooke:

  • Local fishing and sporting goods stores, such as West Coast Fishing Store, often sell licenses over the counter. Visit the license vendors list and call ahead to check availability.
  • Service BC locations nearest to Sooke, such as the ones in Victoria and Duncan can issue licenses over the counter.
  • Select private issuers, such as marinas and tackle shops, may also sell licenses in-person if authorized by the province.

Wherever you choose to buy from, be sure to bring ID and payment to obtain your license on the spot.

Tips for Saving Money on a Sooke Fishing License

Luckily, there are some ways to reduce the cost of your Sooke fishing license:

  • Purchase an annual license if you plan to fish frequently. This offers the best overall value.
  • Take advantage of BC’s free fishing weekends – usually scheduled in June and February – when licenses are waived province-wide.
  • Look for fishing license discounts for seniors, disabled persons, and youth under 18. Have your ID ready to prove eligibility.
  • Buy a one-day or three-day license if you will only be fishing occasionally. Just be sure it covers the correct region and time period.
  • Some local fishing stores or private issuers may offer small discounts or loyalty rewards programs that could save a few dollars. Ask what’s available.

With a little bit of planning and some cost-saving measures, obtaining an affordable fishing license for Sooke does not have to be difficult or expensive.

Fishing Regulations and Species in Sooke BC

Before heading out to fish, it’s crucial that you educate yourself on fishing regulations for the Sooke area, as well as what type of fish are likely to be caught.

All anglers in BC must adhere to the BC Sport Fishing Regulations outlined for the South Coast region. This includes following size limits, not exceeding daily catch maximums, and using legal fishing gear and techniques. Make sure to review the regulations relevant to Sooke before fishing. Fines can be steep for violations.

When it comes to fish species, Sooke offers diverse fishing opportunities, including:

  • Salmon: Chinook, coho, pink, chum and sockeye salmon runs bring anglers to Sooke’s rivers like the Sooke River and lakes such as Sooke Potholes.
  • Steelhead and rainbow trout: The Sooke River is also home to steelhead as well as rainbow trout.
  • Rockfish and lingcod: Boat fishing in the Sooke area opens up opportunities for rockfish, lingcod and other bottom fish.

No matter what type of fish you are hoping to catch, be sure to identify it correctly and ensure it meets size regulations before keeping it. Being able to distinguish species and adhering to all provincial fishing rules will make your Sooke fishing experience more fruitful and legal.

Getting Your Sooke Fishing License: A Quick Summary

As this guide has outlined, obtaining a fishing license in Sooke, BC is a straightforward process:

  • Licenses are mandatory for all anglers over 16. Options include tidal, freshwater and short-term licenses.
  • Purchase online, in-person at vendors, or at Service BC locations nearest to Sooke. Have ID and payment ready.
  • Save money with longer-term licenses, free fishing days, discounts and loyalty programs.
  • Review regulations thoroughly and identify fish correctly before fishing in the area.

As long as you have the proper license for the type of fishing you’ll be doing and follow all rules, you are ready to head out and enjoy the bountiful fishing opportunities around Sooke. Be sure to take advantage of any cost savings to make your license more affordable.

With your license in hand, you can now look forward to reeling in Sooke’s salmon, trout, lingcod and more in a legal and sustainable manner. Follow the regulations diligently and relish the beauty of fishing this fantastic region of coastal British Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Licenses in Sooke

Where can I buy a fishing license in Sooke BC?

There are several options for purchasing BC fishing licenses locally:

How much does a fishing license cost in Sooke BC?

License fees vary based on duration (1 day to 1 year) and type. Some examples for BC residents:

  • Basic annual freshwater license: $47.84
  • Basic annual tidal water license: $47.84
  • One-day freshwater license: $10.02
  • Conservation surcharge (mandatory): $8.68

How can I save money on my fishing license in Sooke BC?

There are a few cost-saving tips:

  • Buy an annual vs. one-day license
  • Take advantage of BC’s free fishing weekends
  • Look for fishing license discounts you may be eligible for
  • Ask local vendors about any loyalty rewards or discounts

Following the regulations carefully will also help you avoid any costly fines!


Getting out on the water to enjoy Sooke’s fabulous fishing opportunities requires having an appropriate, up-to-date fishing license. Thankfully, obtaining a license that covers you for saltwater or freshwater fishing in the area is simple if you follow the guidance above. A small investment will grant you access to Sooke’s salmon runs, trout-stocked lakes, and offshore rockfish – not to mention peace of mind that you are complying with conservation regulations. Don’t let a missing license prevent you from casting your line. Use this guide to get licensed and get fishing!

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