Get Hooked: Buy Fishing Licenses at Jugs Marina in Dularge

Are you an avid angler looking for your next great fishing adventure? Look no further than Jugs Marina located in the bayou town of Dularge, Louisiana. Jugs Marina has been a staple meeting spot for local fishers for over 20 years and is the perfect place to start your Louisiana fishing expedition.

Before heading out on the waters, be sure to purchase your fishing license at Jugs Marina. The team at Jugs can set you up with the necessary permits based on your needs. They carry licenses for both residents and non-residents, along with short-term and annual licenses covering freshwater and saltwater fishing. Jugs also offers combo hunting and fishing licenses, senior licenses, and licenses for disabled veterans.

Why Fish in Dularge

Dularge is located just an hour southwest of New Orleans in Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise region. The area provides easy access to the vast Lake Mechant and Caillou Bay systems which connect to the Gulf of Mexico. From speckled trout to redfish to flounder, Dularge waters are filled with popular inshore species as well as seasonal migrations of offshore fish.

The bayous around Dularge offer sheltered fishing spots to cast from the banks or launch your boat. Meanwhile, Lake Mechant and Caillou Bay provide miles of open water to go after bull reds and monster black drum. Dularge is also known for its productive oyster reefs, which draw in both fish and fishermen.

In addition to its reputation for excellent fishing, Dularge boasts plenty of boat launches, marinas, and bait shops to serve anglers. Jugs Marina has especially become a go-to starting point for visitors due to its central location with access to Lake Mechant.

What To Expect at Jugs Marina

Jugs Marina originally opened over 20 years ago as just a small bait and tackle shop run by a local commercial fisherman. Over the years, it has grown into a popular launch point catering to recreational anglers and families.

The marina store stocks all the bait, ice, snacks, and fishing gear to get you started on a successful trip. Jugs has a large selection of live shrimp, minnows, and crawfish when in season. You can also load up on frozen bait like squid and menhaden. Their tackle includes all the latest lures, rigs, and rods to put you on fish.

Out front, there is a wide gravel parking area with direct bayou access perfect for launching small to mid-sized boats. Jugs also has bathrooms, cleaning stations, and an outdoor shower area for post-fishing rinses.

Inside the store, you’ll always find owner Captain Tom holding court with the local fishers. Captain Tom knows all the best spots and latest advice to get you on the bite. He and his team love sharing tips with visitors to ensure everyone has a stellar day on the water.

So if you find your cooler empty after a tough day of fishing, swing by Jugs Marina for Captain Tom’s sage advice on where the fish are biting.

Purchasing Your Louisiana Fishing License

One of the top perks of launching with Jugs Marina is the ability to purchase your mandatory Louisiana fishing license right on site. As soon as you pull up, head straight to the store to get your license before backing down your boat.

Jugs Marina offers fishing licenses approved for all public waterways in Louisiana, including:

  • Resident annual licenses – For LA residents age 16-59
  • Non-resident annual licenses – For out-of-state visitors age 16-59
  • Senior hunting/fishing licenses – For residents age 60+
  • Disabled veterans licenses

Within each license category, you can choose coverage for freshwater or saltwater fishing, based on where you’ll be heading out. Jugs also sells combo hunting/fishing licenses if interested in pursuing both.

Exact license costs vary but expect to spend $20-60 for an annual pass. Short term licenses are also available for 1-day to 10-days if you’re just visiting the area briefly.

When purchasing your LA fishing license at Jugs Marina, having the following information on hand can expedite the process:

  • Valid driver’s license or ID
  • DOB
  • Contact information

You will leave with your actual license printed on weatherproof paper. Be sure to keep this license on you at all times when on the water or fishing from shore. Wildlife agents make frequent checks in the area and you need proof of proper licensing.

Top Spots To Fish Around Dularge

Once you have your Louisiana fishing license in hand from Jugs Marina, it’s time to explore the hot spots in the Dularge area. Here are some of the top-producing locales to target:

Lake Mechant

Vast Lake Mechant provides miles of open water and backwater bayous perfect for both boat and bank fishing.

Target speckled trout, redfish, flounder and black drum by the LNG tanks located near Jugs Marina. Bounce jigs along the bottom or throw topwater for explosive strikes.

The S-curves on the southern end of the lake also hold nice trout and slot reds. Work the points and cuts with soft plastics. During winter, the S-curves draw sheephead for easy limits.

Caillou Bay

Hit Caillou Bay for bull red action during peak months. The fall migration sees monster reds swarming the bayous and shorelines in October and November.

Anchor up on points and oyster reefs to catch bull reds over 20 pounds soaking cut bait. The adjacent marsh and bayou banks also produce for those casting lures.

In spring, Caillou Bay serves up great fishing for specks, flounder, and black drum. Work the deeper cuts and drowned oyster reefs. The nearby Sister Lake area is also a reliable producer year-round.

Bayou Dularge

In addition to Lake Mechant and Caillou Bay, Dularge has numerous interconnected bayous offering sheltered fishing.

Target flounder, sheepshead, and redfish hidden along the bayou banks of Bayou Dularge itself. Bounce jigheads along bottom, tipped with shrimp or minnows.

The stretches holding fallen trees, docks, and debris are prime ambush spots. Slow drift the channels while soaking live shrimp below a cork for mixed bites.

Launching Your Boat at Jugs Marina

Once you’ve picked up your licenses and bait, you are ready to launch at the Jugs Marina boat ramp.

The launch area includes ample parking for vehicles with trailers. Be sure to back your rig carefully down the center of the ramp. The ramp itself is cement and provides a steady, grippy surface for launching boats of all sizes.

Take care navigating the ramp area itself as it is fairly narrow. Have someone on shore ready to catch your lines.

The water itself by the launch stays relatively deep even at low tide, allowing hassle-free loading. However, the bayou remains tidal so be aware of tidal swing when heading out or returning.

Jugs Marina requests that visitors park their vehicles and trailers efficiently to allow ramp access for all. Avoid leaving boats or gear strewn about the ramp area when not actively launching.

There is no formal dock space for temporary mooring, so plan to trailer your boat out fully after each trip. Leaving a boat tied off along the bank overnight requires explicit permission from Jugs staff.

With easy access, ample parking, and essential amenities, Jugs Marina’s location in the heart of Dularge makes it the perfect starting point for Louisiana fishing adventures. Stop by Jugs to get geared up for the bite today!

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