Georgia Fishing License Prices: Your Ultimate Guide

Georgia Fishing License Prices: Your Ultimate Guide

Fishing is a beloved pastime in Georgia, with its diverse waterways teeming with a variety of fish species. From the tranquil streams of the Appalachian foothills to the vast coastal marshes, the Peach State offers anglers of all skill levels an abundance of opportunities to cast their lines. However, before you can embark on your fishing adventure, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate fishing license. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Georgia fishing license prices, types, and how to purchase them.

Understanding Georgia Fishing Licenses

In Georgia, anyone aged 16 or older is required to have a valid fishing license when fishing in public waters, including rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) oversees the issuance of fishing licenses and enforces regulations to ensure the sustainability of the state’s aquatic resources.

License Types

Georgia offers several types of fishing licenses to cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the most common licenses:

  1. Annual Fishing License
  • For residents: $15
  • For non-residents: $50

The annual fishing license is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and allows you to fish in both freshwater and saltwater bodies within the state.

  1. Short-Term Fishing Licenses
  • For residents:
    • One-day: $5
    • Additional days: $1 per day
  • For non-residents:
    • One-day: $10
    • Additional days: $3.50 per day

Short-term licenses are perfect for occasional anglers or visitors who don’t plan to fish frequently in Georgia. These licenses can be purchased for a single day or multiple consecutive days.

  1. Trout Fishing License
  • For residents: $10 (in addition to the basic fishing license)
  • For non-residents: $25 (in addition to the basic fishing license)

If you plan to fish for trout in Georgia’s designated trout streams or lakes, you’ll need to purchase a trout fishing license in addition to your basic fishing license.

  1. Saltwater Information Program (SIP) Permit
  • Free for residents and non-residents

While the SIP permit is free, it’s required for anyone fishing in saltwater areas, including coastal waters, sounds, and estuaries. This permit helps the DNR collect valuable data on saltwater fishing activities.

  1. Lifetime Fishing Licenses
  • Prices vary based on age and residency status

For avid anglers who plan to fish in Georgia for many years, a lifetime fishing license can be a cost-effective option. Prices range from $70 for residents aged 65 and older to $750 for non-residents aged 16-49.

Additional Licenses and Permits

Depending on your fishing plans, you may need to obtain additional licenses or permits. For example, if you intend to fish for alligators or participate in commercial fishing activities, you’ll need to purchase separate licenses or permits from the DNR.

How to Purchase a Georgia Fishing License

The Georgia DNR offers several convenient options for purchasing fishing licenses:

  1. Online
  • Visit to purchase your license online.
  • You’ll need to create an account and provide personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Once purchased, you can print your license or save it on your mobile device.
  1. By Phone
  • Call 1-800-366-2661 to purchase your license over the phone.
  • Have your personal information and payment details ready.
  • Your license will be mailed to you or can be printed immediately if you provide an email address.
  1. In Person
  • Visit one of the many license agents located throughout Georgia, such as sporting goods stores, bait shops, and some county tax offices.
  • Bring the necessary documentation and payment method.
  • Your license will be printed on the spot.

Residency Requirements

To qualify for resident fishing license prices in Georgia, you must have maintained a continuous domicile within the state for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the date of purchase. Acceptable proof of residency includes a valid Georgia driver’s license or state-issued ID card.

Military personnel stationed in Georgia, as well as full-time students attending a Georgia institution, are also considered residents for the purpose of obtaining fishing licenses.

Fishing Regulations and Conservation Efforts

In addition to obtaining the appropriate fishing license, anglers in Georgia must familiarize themselves with the state’s fishing regulations. These regulations are designed to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect the state’s aquatic ecosystems.

Some key regulations to be aware of include:

  • Size and Creel Limits: Specific limits on the number and size of fish that can be caught and kept, which vary by species and location.
  • Seasonal Closures: Certain areas or bodies of water may be closed to fishing during specific times of the year to protect spawning fish or other ecological factors.
  • Gear Restrictions: Limitations on the types of fishing gear that can be used, such as the number of hooks or the mesh size of nets.

The Georgia DNR also actively promotes conservation efforts through various programs and initiatives. For example, the “Go Fish Education Center” in Perry, Georgia, offers educational opportunities for anglers to learn about responsible fishing practices and the importance of preserving the state’s aquatic resources.

Fishing Hotspots in Georgia

With its diverse waterways, Georgia offers countless fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Here are some of the state’s most popular fishing destinations:

  1. Chattahoochee River
  • Known for its excellent trout fishing, particularly in the upper reaches near the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Popular species include rainbow, brown, and brook trout.
  1. Lake Lanier
  • One of the largest lakes in Georgia, offering excellent bass fishing opportunities.
  • Anglers can also target crappie, catfish, and striped bass.
  1. Okefenokee Swamp
  • This vast wetland area is a prime location for catching bowfin, warmouth, and various species of bass.
  • Fishing from a boat or kayak is recommended to navigate the swamp’s waterways.
  1. Coastal Marshes and Estuaries
  • Georgia’s coastal region is renowned for its saltwater fishing opportunities, including redfish, speckled trout, and flounder.
  • Popular destinations include the Savannah River, St. Marys River, and the Golden Isles.

Fishing Tournaments and Events

Georgia is home to numerous fishing tournaments and events throughout the year, attracting anglers from across the state and beyond. These events not only provide opportunities for friendly competition but also serve as platforms for promoting conservation efforts and fostering a sense of community among anglers.

One of the most anticipated events is the Georgia Bass Trail, a series of bass fishing tournaments held on various lakes and rivers across the state. Anglers compete for substantial prize money while showcasing their skills and passion for the sport.

The Flats Fishing Tournament is another popular event, focusing on saltwater fishing in the coastal regions of Georgia. Anglers target species such as redfish, trout, and flounder, with prizes awarded for the largest catches.

For those interested in fly fishing, the Unicoi Outfitters Fly Fishing Tournament is a must-attend event. Held on the renowned Chattahoochee River, this tournament celebrates the art of fly fishing and attracts participants from across the country.


Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a visiting angler, Georgia offers a wealth of fishing opportunities that cater to all interests and skill levels. By obtaining the appropriate fishing license and familiarizing yourself with the state’s regulations and conservation efforts, you can embark on unforgettable fishing adventures while contributing to the preservation of Georgia’s aquatic resources.

Remember, fishing is not just a pastime but also a responsibility. By practicing responsible angling and respecting the natural environment, we can ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of fishing in the beautiful waters of the Peach State.

So, grab your rod, purchase your Georgia fishing license, and get ready to create lasting memories on the water. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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