Fishing License in Puerto Rico: Your Essential Guide

Fishing in Puerto Rico is more than just a pastime—it’s a siren call to sea lovers and rod-wielders alike. But before you can start your quest for the elusive marlin or the feisty tarpon, you’ll need the angler’s holy grail: a valid fishing license. Consider this guide your treasure map for navigating the waters of legality and fun.

Researching Requirements

Embarking on this sun-kissed adventure requires a bit of legwork. Depending on whether you’re fishing for the sheer joy of it, aiming to fill your pockets, or hosting eager tourists, the license you need varies. Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources is your fountain of knowledge for all the specifics.

Preparing Necessary Documents

Armed with the right information, it’s time to gather your personal documents. A passport or driver’s license should do the trick, and if you’re a commercial fisherman, don’t forget your business license and tax ID. It’s like packing for a trip—you wouldn’t leave home without your sunscreen, would you?

Purchasing The License

Documents at the ready? It’s time to make things official. A digital hop, skip, and jump over to the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources website, and you’ll be licensed in no time. If you prefer the personal touch, local authorized vendors are your friendly neighborhood helpers.

Types Of Fishing Licenses

  • Recreational Fishing License: Perfect for those who find bliss in a leisurely cast. Options range from a single day’s escape to a year-long odyssey.
  • Commercial Fishing License: Tailored for the sea-hardened veterans turning the ocean’s bounty into their livelihood.
  • Charter Fishing License: If you’re the captain of a charter, this is your ticket to a shipshape and profitable venture.


So, are you ready to join the ranks of happy anglers in Puerto Rico’s aquatic paradise? Just follow the three P’s: research, prepare, and purchase. With your license snug in your tackle box, the Caribbean’s treasures are yours for the taking. Just don’t forget to brag about the one that didn’t get away!


Do I need a fishing license to fish in Puerto Rico? Absolutely, it’s a must for dipping your line in these tropical waters.

Where can I purchase a fishing license in Puerto Rico? Either online through the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources or at a local authorized vendor—your choice.

Can I purchase a temporary fishing license in Puerto Rico? Sure thing! One-day or seven-day licenses are perfect for a brief but memorable angling escapade.

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