Fishing in Oklahoma Made Easy: Get Your License Without an ID!

Are you an angler or fishing enthusiast in Oklahoma without a government-issued ID? Don’t worry; you can still obtain a fishing license with ease. Oklahoma has an online portal to purchase licenses, and requirements vary depending on the age of the angler and where they plan to fish.

When is a Fishing License not Required in Oklahoma?

Before we dive into how to Get a license, let’s first discuss situations where a fishing license might not be necessary.

  • Children under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license in Oklahoma.
  • Military veterans with a 60% or greater service-connected disability, as recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs, can obtain a free lifetime fishing and hunting license.

How to Get a Fishing License in Oklahoma without an ID

Oklahoma offers various options for anglers without a government-issued ID. One option is to obtain a fishing license through the online portal. You can create an account and purchase a license using other forms of identification, such as a birth certificate or a Social Security number.

If you want to purchase a fishing license in person, you can visit a license dealer. Dealers may require alternate forms of identification, but some may accept mail from a government agency, utility bills, or other documents that prove residency.

Special Fishing Events in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers numerous opportunities for special fishing events throughout the year, some of which may offer exemptions for fishing licenses. For example, during Free Fishing Days, anyone can fish without a license on specific days determined by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department.

Additionally, some events may offer discounted or waived fees for fishing licenses. For example, Oklahoma Fishing Days offers discounted prices for a limited time during a specific weekend in June.


Obtaining a fishing license without a government-issued ID in Oklahoma is a breeze. Whether you choose to purchase a license online or in-person, or take advantage of special fishing events, Oklahoma’s Wildlife Conservation Department has options that cater to every angler’s unique situation. Remember to check for special events that may offer exemptions or discounts, and always follow state regulations while fishing.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Fishing in Oklahoma Made Easy: Get Your License Without an ID!”:

Q: Can I Get a fishing license in Oklahoma without an ID?
A: Yes, you can Get a fishing license in Oklahoma without an ID. Instead of an ID, you can provide your social security number and date of birth to obtain a fishing license.

Q: Do I need a fishing license in Oklahoma to fish in public waters?
A: Yes, you need a fishing license in Oklahoma to fish in public waters. This applies to residents and non-residents. However, there are some exceptions, such as during Free Fishing Days.

Q: How much does a fishing license cost in Oklahoma?
A: The cost of a fishing license in Oklahoma varies based on several factors, such as residency status, age, and duration of the license. For example, a resident annual fishing license costs $25, while a non-resident annual fishing license costs $55. Additionally, there are options for daily and multi-year licenses.

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