California Veteran Disabled Person: Who Is Eligible?

Fishing is more than just a pastime—it’s a chance to unwind and soak in the beauty of nature. For those in California who’ve served and sacrificed, namely our disabled veterans, there’s often a question that bubbles to the surface: “Do I need a fishing license to enjoy this serene activity?”

Who Is Considered A California Veteran Disabled Person?

California veteran with a disability is an individual who has:

  • Served in the United States Armed Forces
  • Been discharged under honorable or general conditions
  • Acquired a service-related disability

It’s crucial to understand that only disabilities incurred during military service qualify for benefits under California law.

Benefits Available To California Veterans And Disabled Persons

California extends a helping hand to eligible disabled veterans through benefits such as:

  • Healthcare including medical, dental, and mental health services
  • Educational Assistance with tuition waivers for dependents
  • Employment Assistance offering priority services and state civil service examination considerations
  • Financial Support like disability compensation and property tax exemptions

Do California’s Disabled Veterans Need A Fishing License?

Yes, disabled veterans in California must obtain a fishing license for public waterways. However, there’s a silver lining—a discounted fishing license fee for those with a 50% or greater service-connected disability, currently priced at $7.98 for the 2021–2022 season.

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost In California?

For the average Joe, a resident fishing license costs $52.66, while non-residents shell out $142.05. But for our heroes, the disabled veterans, a sport fishing license is available at a reduced fee of $7.73.

How Can A California Veteran Or Disabled Person Obtain A Reduced-Fee Fishing License?

To snag that reduced-fee license, veterans should:

  1. Gather the Required Documents: DD214, discharge papers, and proof of disability.
  2. Fill out the Application Form: Available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website.
  3. Pay the Reduced Fee: A small price for a year of tranquility.
  4. Submit the Application: Online, by mail, or in person.
  5. Wait for Approval: Then, it’s time to cast a line!

Special Accommodations For California Veterans And Disabled Persons While Fishing

California ensures that fishing is accessible to all, with programs like:

  • Fishing In The City: Urban fishing opportunities with gear lending.
  • Fishing And Hunting For Wounded Warriors: Guided trips for disabled veterans.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Piers: Designed for easy access and use.


Q: Can a California veteran and disabled person fish without a license? A: No, a license is required, but discounts are available.

Q: How long is a fishing license valid in California? A: One year from the date of purchase.

Q: Can a California veteran and disabled person fish in any waterway in the state? A: Check local regulations as some areas may have additional requirements.


For the veterans and disabled persons in California, the call of the water is answered with a license—albeit at a reduced cost or potentially waived. The Golden State offers a bounty of programs to ensure that fishing remains a joyous and accessible activity for those who have served. So, grab your gear, secure your license, and enjoy the peaceful embrace of California’s waters.

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