Discover Why Washington State Denied Your Fishing License

Why Your Fishing License May Be Denied in Washington State

Recreational fishing is a popular outdoor activity in Washington, but you need a valid license to legally cast your line. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) can deny your fishing license application for several reasons, primarily related to prior violations or outstanding fines and penalties.

According to the WDFW recreational licensing rules, some key grounds for fishing license denial in Washington include:

  • Prior conviction for violating fish and wildlife laws: If you have been convicted of violating hunting, fishing, or wildlife laws within the last 10 years, your license may be denied until all fines and penalties are paid. [RCW 77.15.670]
  • Current license revocation or suspension: Your application will be denied if your fishing privileges are currently revoked or suspended in Washington or any other state.
  • Unpaid fines or fees: Outstanding fines, penalties, or other unresolved fees related to previous violations can lead to license denial until they are paid in full.
  • Providing false information: Intentionally falsifying any information on your license application is grounds for automatic denial or revocation.
  • Failure to meet residency requirements: Washington issues different licenses for residents and non-residents. Providing inaccurate residency information can result in denial.

Avoiding License Denials

To avoid having your fishing license denied in Washington, ensure you meet all the legal requirements and have resolved any prior violations or outstanding fees with WDFW. Double check your application for accuracy before submission.

If your license is denied, WDFW will provide you with the specific reasons and instructions on how to resolve the issue and reapply if eligible.

Fishing License Types and Fees in Washington

WDFW offers several types of recreational fishing licenses based on residency status, duration, and type of fishing activity. The most common licenses include:

Resident Licenses:

  • Annual freshwater or saltwater license: $36.35
  • Combination license (freshwater & saltwater): $55.10
  • Shellfish license: $11.35
  • One-day license: $8.40

Non-Resident Licenses:

  • Annual freshwater or saltwater license: $90.90
  • Combination license (freshwater & saltwater): $137.80
  • Shellfish license: $28.40
  • One-day license: $16.80

You can purchase your Washington fishing license online or from an authorized WDFW dealer. Make sure to review the complete recreational fishing rules for your intended waters.

Restoring Fishing Privileges

If your fishing license has been denied or revoked due to a violation, you can have your privileges restored by:

  1. Paying all outstanding fines and fees: Contact WDFW to verify amounts owed and make payments.
  2. Completing a suspension/revocation period: For serious violations, you may be required to serve a license suspension period before being eligible to reapply.
  3. Taking a remedial education course: WDFW may require completion of a course covering fishing regulations, ethics, and conservation as a condition for reinstatement.
  4. Submitting a reinstatement petition: You will need to file a formal petition with WDFW demonstrating why your license privileges should be restored.

The specific requirements will depend on the violation and whether it was a criminal or civil offense under RCW 77.15. Consult with WDFW or legal counsel if you have any questions about the reinstatement process.

By understanding the reasons for fishing license denial and following all regulations, you can enjoy Washington’s abundant waters while ensuring the sustainability of its aquatic resources for future generations.

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