Discover Top Spots for Fishing Licenses in Jackson, WY

Fishing in Jackson, Wyoming, is a popular pastime with world-class trout fishing opportunities. Before casting your line, be sure to get the proper fishing licenses and permits. This article details the top spots in the Jackson area to quickly obtain these necessary credentials.

Where to Get Fishing Licenses in Jackson

The most convenient way to purchase Wyoming fishing licenses is online through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. However, if you prefer to get licenses in person, numerous local retailers sell them as well.

  • Sporting goods stores: JD High Country Outfitters, Snake River Angler, and Jack Dennis Outdoor Shop
  • Bait & tackle shops: High Country Flies, Reel Deal Anglers
  • Hardware stores: Stone Drug
  • Gas stations: Some convenience stores

These license agents accept cash or card payment on site.

Types of Fishing Licenses Available

Jackson offers diverse fisheries, so your license type depends on your residency status and planned fishing duration.

  • Residents: Annual, daily, youth
  • Non-residents: Annual, daily, 5-day consecutive, youth
  • Special rates: Seniors, disabled veterans

Most adult license holders also need a conservation stamp. Daily licenses are exempt.

Separate permits are required for Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Key Things to Know

When obtaining your Jackson fishing license, be sure to verify:

  • Residency requirements for discounted rates
  • Approved payment types accepted
  • Necessary permits based on fishing locations
  • License duration (daily, 5-day, annual)
  • Possession limits and other special regulations

Equipped with the proper credentials, you’ll be set to experience Jackson’s bountiful fisheries to the fullest!

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