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Discover the Cost of a Temporary Fishing License in Mississippi

If you’re planning to cast a line in the beautiful waters of Mississippi, it’s crucial to obtain the proper fishing license before you start reeling in the catch. Whether you’re a resident or visitor to Magnolia State, understanding the types of temporary fishing licenses available and their associated costs is key to enjoying a hassle-free fishing experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the details of temporary fishing licenses in Mississippi, covering both resident and non-resident options, where to purchase them, and even highlighting some free fishing opportunities. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge needed to hit the water with confidence.

Resident Temporary Fishing Licenses

For Mississippi residents looking to enjoy some short-term fishing adventures, there are a couple of temporary license options to consider:

3-Day Freshwater Fishing License

  • Cost: $3.00
  • Additional Fees: $1.00 agent fee + $1.29 process fee
  • Total Cost: $5.29

This license grants residents three consecutive days of freshwater fishing privileges, perfect for a weekend getaway or short vacation.

Senior Lifetime Saltwater License (65+)

  • Cost: $5.00
  • Additional Fees: $1.00 agent fee + $1.29 process fee
  • Total Cost: $7.29

Mississippi residents aged 65 and older can purchase this lifetime saltwater fishing license at a discounted rate. It’s a one-time purchase that provides endless saltwater fishing opportunities.

It’s important to note that both of these licenses come with additional agent and processing fees on top of the base license cost. Keep these extra charges in mind when budgeting for your fishing trip.

Non-Resident Temporary Fishing Licenses

Visiting anglers have several temporary fishing license options to choose from, depending on the duration of their stay and preferred fishing type:

3-Day Freshwater Fishing License

  • Cost: $15.00
  • Additional Fees: $2.00 agent fee + $1.29 process fee
  • Total Cost: $18.29

Non-residents can enjoy three days of freshwater fishing with this temporary license. It’s ideal for a long weekend fishing trip or a short getaway.

1-Day Freshwater Fishing License

  • Cost: $8.00
  • Additional Fees: $1.00 agent fee + $1.29 process fee
  • Total Cost: $10.29

For those just looking to spend a single day fishing in Mississippi’s freshwater bodies, this license is a great choice. It’s perfect for spontaneous day trips or trying out a new fishing spot.

3-Day Saltwater Fishing License

  • Cost: $15.00
  • Additional Fees: $2.00 agent fee + $1.29 process fee
  • Total Cost: $18.29

Non-resident saltwater anglers can take advantage of this 3-day license to explore Mississippi’s coastal waters and try their luck at landing some delicious seafood.

14-Day Hunt/Fish License for Armed Forces

  • Cost: $33.00
  • Additional Fees: $4.25 process fee
  • Total Cost: $37.25 (freshwater only)

Active-duty military personnel visiting Mississippi can purchase this special 14-day combination hunting and freshwater fishing license. Note that this license does not include saltwater fishing privileges.

Where to Purchase a License

Now that you know the types of temporary fishing licenses available, let’s explore the various ways you can obtain one:


The most convenient option is to purchase your license online through the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website. Simply visit their online licensing system, provide the necessary information, and print out your license from the comfort of your own home.

In Person

If you prefer a physical copy of your license, you can visit the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources office in Biloxi or any of the authorized license agents located throughout the state, such as Walmart, bait shops, and sporting goods stores.

By Phone

For those who don’t have internet access or can’t make it to a physical location, licenses can also be purchased over the phone through the 24-hour recreational license sales number. Have your credit card information ready, and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Free Fishing Days

If you’re looking to try out fishing in Mississippi without committing to a license, mark your calendar for these annual free fishing days:

  • first weekend of National Fishing and Boating Week in June
  • July 4th

On these designated days, anyone can fish in Mississippi’s marine waters (south of I-10) without a license. It’s a great opportunity to introduce someone new to the joys of fishing or to simply enjoy a day on the water without the added cost of a license.


Obtaining a temporary fishing license in Mississippi is a straightforward process with plenty of options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re a resident looking for a short-term freshwater license or a non-resident planning a saltwater fishing vacation, understanding the costs and requirements is essential.

Remember, fishing licenses directly support conservation efforts that help maintain healthy fish populations and protect Mississippi’s aquatic habitats. By purchasing a license, you’re not only gaining access to incredible fishing opportunities but also contributing to the long-term sustainability of the sport.

Before heading out on your fishing adventure, always take a moment to review the current fishing regulations, including catch limits and seasons, to ensure you’re staying within the law and practicing responsible angling.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of temporary fishing licenses in Mississippi, it’s time to grab your gear, purchase your license, and start exploring the state’s diverse and thrilling fishing scene. Happy casting!

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