Discover Indiana Fishing License Costs: Get Your Answers Here!

Fishing is a popular outdoor recreational activity in Indiana, with abundant opportunities across the state’s lakes, rivers, and streams. Before casting your line, it’s essential to understand Indiana fishing license requirements and costs. This guide provides everything you need to know to legally fish in Indiana.

Overview of Indiana Fishing License Options

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers fishing licenses to both residents and non-residents:

Resident License Options & Costs (2024 Fees)

  • Annual Fishing License: $23
  • 3-Year Fishing License: $69
  • 5-Year Fishing License: $115
  • 1-Day Fishing License: $10
  • 3-Day Fishing License: $20

Non-Resident License Options & Costs (2024 Fees)

  • Annual Fishing License: $60
  • 7-Day Fishing License: $35
  • 3-Day Fishing License: $15
  • Non-Resident Spring Trout Fishing Stamp: $11

Special permits for certain species or water bodies may also be required.

Where to Buy an Indiana Fishing License

There are several convenient ways to purchase an Indiana fishing license:

  • Online: Fast and easy with additional fees.
  • In-Person: At license retailers, DNR properties, or the DNR Customer Service Center.
  • By Phone: Call the DNR at 317-232-4200.
  • By Mail: Send application and payment to the DNR.

Who Needs an Indiana Fishing License?

All anglers need a fishing license to fish Indiana public waters, except:

  • Indiana residents born before April 1, 1943
  • Indiana residents under age 18
  • Disabled American veterans (with proper documentation)

See the full list of license exemptions.

Indiana Fishing Regulations

When fishing in Indiana, anglers must follow all fishing regulations including seasons, size limits, and bag limits. Special rules may apply to certain species or bodies of water.


We hope this guide provided the key details you need to legally and responsibly enjoy fishing across Indiana. Check the official Indiana fishing regulations before heading out and consider purchasing your license online for convenience. Tight lines!

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