Discover Glen Helen Fishing License Requirements: What You Need to Know

Fishing is a popular recreational activity in California, with abundant opportunities across the state’s vast aquatic ecosystems. As an angler, being informed on fishing regulations is crucial for complying with state laws. This article focuses specifically on fishing license requirements for Glen Helen Regional Park, located in San Bernardino County. We’ll cover everything you need to legally fish in these waters.

Glen Helen Regional Park Overview

Spanning over 1,300 acres, Glen Helen Regional Park offers scenic views of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. It features two lakes stocked with rainbow trout, channel catfish, bass, bluegill and carp. Fishing permits must be purchased daily at the entry gate and be in the angler’s possession while on site.

In addition to fishing, the park has a swimming complex, playground, picnic areas, and is home to the Glen Helen Amphitheater and Raceway. Camping is also available for reserved groups.

California Fishing License Requirements

In California, anglers aged 16 years and older are required by state law to have a valid California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) fishing license to fish in freshwaters like the Glen Helen lakes [1]. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

You do NOT need a license if:

  • Fishing on public piers in ocean or bay waters
  • Under 16 years old
  • Fishing on a licensed fishing preserve

There are several license options available depending on residency status and intended fishing frequency/duration:


  • Annual: $52.66
  • 1 Day: $16.20
  • 2 Day: $25.10


  • Annual: $137.19
  • 1 Day: $16.20
  • 2 Day: $25.10

Purchase your fishing license:

  • Online
  • In person at most bait and tackle shops or large retailers like Walmart
  • By phone at (800) 565-1458

For fishing regulations details based on location, species, and season timing, consult the CDFW freshwater fishing guide.

Purchasing Glen Helen Fishing Permits

In addition to the state fishing licenseGlen Helen Regional Park requires all anglers to purchase daily fishing permits at the entry gate, with rates depending on day of the week:

  • $10 per person (Mon-Wed, excluding holidays/special events)
  • $12 per person (Thu-Sun, excluding holidays/special events)

These permits must be in your possession while fishing and turned in when you leave for the day. They can be purchased by pedestrians or vehicle passengers. Note that annual park entrance passes do NOT include fishing permits.

Tips for Visiting Anglers

When planning your fishing trip to Glen Helen Regional Park, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know the regulations – Review California and Glen Helen fishing rules
  • Bring cash – Have $10-15 per person for daily permits
  • Check lake status – Lakes close on trout stocking days
  • Purchase bait onsite – The park has a bait shop for added convenience
  • Print licenses – Bring physical or digital copies of your state fishing license


With its stocked lakes and scenic mountain views, Glen Helen Regional Park offers great fishing opportunities less than an hour from Los Angeles. Make sure you have the required California fishing license and daily Glen Helen permits, review the latest regulations, and then you’ll be set to catch trout, catfish, bass and more!

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